Sunday, 17 January 2016

The 4th Law of the Universe

The 4th Law of the Universe

Quote of the day

‘The 4th Law of The Universe is Attraction. Such an attraction is the pull one object has on another through magnetism or desirability. Attraction creates a reaction, a satisfaction, a chain reaction and gravitational interaction.’

Dear Friends welcome to a white Sunday in good old London Town. Through the years a shift in the weather pattern became quite obvious. When I was little I always remembered a white Christmas, today this expectation has shifted to the middle of January to the beginning of February. Our humane contribution as sole custodians of our domain should be increased to overcome the effects of global warming. How are you today? Are you in the relaxed zone or in the stressed zone? As my eternal friend I want to see you in a relaxed zone. This is my daily pledge to wake you to the tranquility of personal relaxation. The 17th day of 2016 is upon us and we need to shift to the relaxation zone at all times. Life is so wonderful and as sole custodians of the living world we are entitled to all the privileges set out in the original manifesto. To achieve these accolades, you need to attract your desires into your heart. This is an important statement. Your true inner feelings lie in your heart. Your heart holds the emotions of your needs. Your eyes captures precisely what you desire and your heart senses these desires. So, when you try to attract something that doesn’t create emotions in your heart then the resultant effect is zero. We need that magnetic attraction that draws magnetic materials towards it. When you attract something that your heart does not emotionally respond to it is very much like attracting a piece of plastic to a magnetic. The result is zero attraction. Planets are only able to attract each other because at their very core is the epicentre of a huge magnet. To attract something towards you, then passion and desire needs to fill your heart like molten iron at the core of the Earth. Whatever your needs are the Universe will provide you with it. If your needs are unselfish you are guaranteed to achieve it. To every attraction there will be a related reaction. Attract happiness to your heart and happiness will flow towards you in a heavenly conduit. Attract unhappiness and happiness will be severed from the heavenly conduit that attaches itself to you like an umbilical cord. Attraction must bring satisfaction to your heart rather than dissatisfaction that can cripple your lifestyle. Attraction also creates a chain reaction. When you attract happiness towards you it rubs off onto the ones that are near you. To be successful in life you need to attract success to you like gravitational interaction between celestial objects. Dear Friends, always remember that The Universe is there to help you in all your troubled days. The Universe is the essence of life, from it springs the foundation stones to life itself. No one is meant to suffer. Believe in your yourself and abide by The Laws of the Universe and half your battle is won. I wish you a pleasant Sunday, do rest well and relaxed under a canopy of splendour and grandeur. 

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