Friday, 15 January 2016

It’s time to SPICE up your life

It’s time to SPICE up your life

Quote of the day

‘It is an appropriate time to SPICE up your life. Using the Laws of the Universe you can Select, Perfect, Inspect, Correct and Establish your future in an orderly fashion, just like The Universe. What becomes of tomorrow lies entirely on how you SPICE up today.’

Welcome to the conclusion of another working week. I hope and pray that you had an accomplished and fulfilling working week. Such a feat makes next week even more challenging. For all your hard work and sheer determination, you will always be rewarded. Your reward is a fun packed weekend where you are in charge of your 48 hours and with the private privilege of recharging your cells. Did you enjoy the last three articles about The Laws of the Universe? There are more articles in this series to help inspire and motivate you to achieve Success. From the first three Laws of the Universe we can learn how to SPICE up our lives to create a better tomorrow and a stronger future for ourselves. This is an important criterion to establish in creating Success Stories. A strong foundation is the formation to everlasting admiration. Always remember that. Bonus Quote: ‘A strong foundation is the formation to everlasting admiration.’ Selecting the right vocation or the right vacation makes all the difference. From the Laws of the Universe we can see that our life has a purpose. Therefore, our objective is to be happy in what we do. You should never compel yourself to do something that makes you unhappiness. The Universe is an orderly structure and in order for you to be happy you need to be orderly. Selecting the right vocation or vacation helps. You then need to Perfect your vocation or vacation. The Universe is old and has been perfect for almost 14 billion years. It holds our history of good and wrong. In other to achieve a better appraisal we need to Inspect our daily agenda. We need to scrutinise every second of our activities and what appears wrong must be put right and what appears right must be 100%% right. Inspection leads to Correction. Correction is about making amends to previous errors. It is the academy of righteousness. A human Being has the power to put things right. What is wrong can clearly be seen from a distance. If you looked into the horizon and noticed that the Sun rose in the West, you will know and feel something is not right. The Universe performs its daily tasks accurately and valiantly. There is no room for errors. Likewise, to achieve order in your domain you need to constantly correct your errors. Finally, in order to SPICE up your life you need Establishment. Establishment is The Creation of you. GOD created The Heavens and The Earths, an establishment that is long organised and orderly. You don’t have to take my word for it, just look into the vastness of space and time and you will see organization and order like never before. To become established like The Universe you need to SPICE up your life. I am here to help, to inspire, to motivate and to hold your hand to success. You are here to help others too once you feel established, orderly and organized. This is the humane and approved way to succeed and help others to succeed equally. This comes from the 1st law of The Universe which states that all human beings are fundamentally the same. Thank you for finding the time to be inspired. It goes to show quite clearly that you are here to validate your purpose in life. My purpose in life is to love it, to love everything about life, to love the inhabitants of our world, to love every citizen of our world and to love our Heavenly Father. Do have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to join later on for more Laws of the Universe to help you to become happy and successful.

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