Friday, 29 January 2016

The Streets of San Francisco

The Streets of San Francisco

Quote of the day

‘Exploring something new like a city needs an incredible amount of PEDAL force. Before you embark on your journey you need to make a virtual journey. You need to sample before you taste. The PEDAL force helps you to do just that. PEDAL stands for Passion, Energy, Desire, Attraction and Love. Combine these five words in sequence and you will have the greatest journey of a lifetime.’

A very, very warm welcome to you on the last Friday of the month and the last day of your final working week in January. It is great to have you on board, on a journey of inspiration to improve the contours of your life in pureness, surety and security. One of the highlights of everyone’s life is planning for something such as an annual holiday. Many of us limit our holidays to our budget. Today I want you to make a slight change to this. I want you to limit your holidays to your imagination. Let us take a virtual trip to San Francisco as an example. San Francisco is 5630 miles from London and the time difference is -8 hours. We all worked hard in 2015 so why not splash out on a premium economy flight including a 5-star accommodation at £2400.00 for two. That takes care of the travel and the accommodation which is inclusive of breakfast, airport tax, baggage and all the hidden surcharges. This is obviously our annual trip for 2016, the criterion here is how do we spend our 7 days and 7 nights? This is where your virtual tour kicks in. Investigate your proposed trip by using the PEDAL Force technique. The PEDAL force technique works because it is based on how hard you worked in 2015 that acts as a stimulus to have a break in 2016. The PEDAL Force technique enable you to travel the world in a virtual journey without the constant gravel you encounter on some journeys. This virtual tour enables you decide whether to go or go someone else.The PEDAL Force technique stands for Passion, Energy, Desire, Attraction and Love. Passion is linked to your utmost thirst in something. If you are thirsty you will want to drink it, if not you will leave it alone. You must feel the passion or thirst for San Francisco before you can commit. You must become enriched with thirst, if you cannot then don’t go and explore another city of interest. This enrichment must be able to generate a flow of energy within you waiting to unleash itself. Energy follows a strong Passion in something. Passion is the innermost feeling of something really strong like a holiday, a house, a new job, a career, a relationship or a new car. Energy is the outermost reaction to passion. Energy makes you do your own research. Energy makes you save or work harder to pay for your journey. Energy is zero when there is no passion. Energy makes you a hero when there is passion. What comes from Energy is Desire. Passion and Desire are interrelated. Passion is triggered by what you see or hear about. Desire on the other hand is the yearning that you have for something that started when passion was first ignited in your heart. To Desire something is to keep that Passion alive. Passion does not always turn to Desire. When you do a thorough research into something you may lose the interest or desire in it. What follows after Desire is Attraction. The Universe will give you virtually anything that your heart desires. It does this because it knows that you genuinely want it. The Universe recognises this and lets the mutation begin. Finally, you need Love, genuine Love. Without Love you will never enjoy your annual vacation. It takes two to tango and two to eat a large mango. Try eating a large mango on your own. It is impossible, messy and very filling. You need someone to share to it with. Going alone on a holiday is like eating a mango alone. It always takes two. Therefore, you cannot make the annual trip without Love. The one cannot be happy and the other sad. Love must be mutual, continuous, long lasting, everlasting and genuine. You must blend in order to spend. You must blend in order to attend. You must blend in order to have a good weekend. You must blend in order to create a friend. You must blend in order to comprehend. You must use Love as a bonding gel and watch how successful you will become. You must Love what you do. You must please one and another. Suddenly a virtual tour becomes an actual tour. It should start well and it should end well. The PEDAL Force Technique when used appropriately will always give you the results that you deserve. My video clip today is called ‘The streets of San Francisco’. In this video I explore San Francisco in great detail on a virtual tour. I look for landmarks, tourist attractions and places of interest. From my exploration I can determine whether I have the desire to continue or look for an alternative holiday destination. If there is an element of Desire, then Attraction follows me around like a strong magnet. Love blossoms and the start of a good holiday becomes imminent. The PEDAL Force technique can be used in almost every goal that you have. It takes you on a virtual to sample your goals before you can commit. Have a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend and a peaceful exit from the month of January. I want you to look forward to February 2016 with love and to use The Pedal Force Technique in almost any situation.

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