Thursday, 28 January 2016

They are talking to us

They are talking to us

Quote of the day

‘If only we listen to what they are saying we may have a chance. The animals and the plants are telling us that we got it all wrong. We need to listen to them to regain the glisten back in our planet.’

Good day to you Dear Friends. Welcome to Thursday, the 28th January 2016. It is good to share an online presence with you. To create success in our lives we need to create success in everyone else’s lives. This is the founding principle of success. To have a planet that is bustling with life forms that lives in harmony as per the original concept of the Creation requires everyone’s participation. Before we came along things were great. There was harmony above the earth, below the surface of the earth and on it. When we came along things changed dramatically. Now there is rustling in every step, every breath and in every word. Tomorrow now brings so much of sorrow? We earthlings have become so embroiled in greed that we neglect our real roles. Animals and Plants were here long before us and got on with what they had to do, if not the Earth will be a hostile place. When we came along we broke the Covenant and started disagreeing since The Garden of Eden. It happened with Cain and Abel, in the City of Sodom, during the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire and during two World Wars in the last Century. Tomorrow will hold a bale of sorrow because man still misunderstands his role. Rather than being a sole custodian of the living world he wants to be in control. The animals and plants are constantly watching our delinquent roles and if we could understand them will know that they are unhappy. To make the world a safer place we need to listen to the diurnal and nocturnal workers that labour intensely to make the Earth our home. They follow order and live within their border. They are paternal and maternal. They care for their young and they even recycle the last bit of dung. Our greed has turned the tables in harmonisation of the wild. Species of life are slowly diminishing. They came in two by two and are leaving two by two. I often see the fear in the deer, I sometimes hear the cry in the sky and I feel for the seal that squeals. They are talking to us but we cannot understand or we do not want to understand. The bat, the cat, the rat and the wombat find it hard to live in their habitat because of us. The dog, the frog and the hog find it hard to live in the smog because of our selfishness. The whale, the snail and the cockatiel are always on sale stuck in a flimsy jail.  The bear, the mare and the hare are always caught in a snare. The crayfish, the catfish, the angelfish and the swordfish all end up in the wrong dish. The clam, the ram and the lamb all get themselves in a jam. The prawn, the swan and the fawn always seem to be caught at dawn. Dear Friends, is it right to see cruelty in animals, poaching for exploitation, killing for a living and capturing for manufacturing? Listen to the beaver for he is the most noticeable griever has he watches how we exploit our natural waterways. Listen to the buck that always has to duck from our firing intent. Listen to the goose that prefers to be loose rather than on a noose. Listen to the hen that is stuck in a pen all its life. Listen to the eel that prefers not to be your next meal. Listen to the mole that has a sole and hates to be killed for their pelts. Animals and plants are trying to tell us something. They urge us to be civil and not evil. They urge us to be moderate and considerate. They urge us to keep the peace and stop the decrease in species. They urge us to keep our planet clean, preen and green. They urge us to act as sole custodians of our domain. They want us to recycle, to read the bible, to stop being idle, to stop living in denial and never to have rivals. Dear Friends, tomorrow can become a day of happiness and a day of revival. We need to look, listen and learn. Have a wonderful evening and before you retire I want you to think of how you can help the donkey or the monkey, the baboon or the raccoon and the lark or the shark.

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