Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Quote of the day

‘Water lilies are a divine and symbolic expression of one’s purpose in life and of one’s duration in life. It’s the national flower of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and the state flower for Andhra Pradesh, India. Such symbolism triggers new frontiers in one’s abilities such as Mannerism, Elitism, Dynamism, Individualism, Creationism, Altruism, Logical Positivism, Activism, Perfectionism and Pragmatism. I call this the Medical App to life.’

Welcome to a very cold midweek here in good old London town. It is nice to have you onboard along a journey of success and happiness. Today I wanted to talk about Water Lilies. Water Lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers you could ever see in your lifetime. Beauty cannot grow any deeper. The deepest level of beauty is divinity. If you touch the extreme end of beauty you would have reached heaven. The Water Lily is a giant flower whose plumes radiate the magnificence of the heavens above. Water Lilies define how important the purpose of any species are. Their giant leaves create a blanket of cover for ponds and river swamps. Their leaves also create protection for small aquatic creatures that often succumb to local predators. Their flowers are a rich supply of nectar for insects that drool in their fountain of purity and enrichment. Their leaves form a food source for humans too from flour formation to vegetable gourmets. They have medicinal properties too such as a poultices and antiseptics. I call this the Medical App to trigger new frontiers in one’s abilities. Mannerism is one of them. Mannerism is the idiosyncrasy of an individual to make a noted change to the world and a change to themselves. Elitism is like the water lily that makes elegance and stylishness second nature. Dynamism is the water lilies vitality that fills the water surfaces with intrigue. Individualism is the uniqueness that water lilies have. This is something you need to consider to expand your abilities and your capabilities. Creationism is the trademark of the water Lily and so are you, unique and wonderful. Look at the water lily and you will see the ideal you. Altruism is one of the key features of a water lily, providing shelter, protection and food for all the local animals and plants. Watch and learn. Do the same and feel the same. Infuse with the wonders of nature and diffuse the same onto others. Logical Positivism is the way forward, to excel and to propel. The water lilies excel in their beauty and propel with their anatomical structure. Become involved with Mother Nature through activism. The water lily exhibits a true passion and desire to exist and flourish on the surface of the water. Perfectionism is about getting the job done with care and thoroughness. The water lily is symbolic of this. Live a perfect life the water lily. Look. Listen and Learn from the water lily. My video today exhibits the enrichment of life by the water lily. Pragmatism, the final keyword in our Medical-App is about being rational. Reasonable and logical in all that you do. Believe in your purpose and be determined to fulfil and accomplish your daily duties. Be like the water lily that proliferates through a series of rhizomes. Everything in life has a fundamental purpose. We need to sieve the archives of our collective goals and get to work with promptness and readiness. Have a wonderful midweek despite the weather. Flow like a water lily rhizome and navigate your intentions to succeed.

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