Saturday, 2 January 2016

Picture Postcards

Picture Postcards

Quote of the day

‘Create a Picture Postcard of success and post it to the world. Show them how easy it is to achieve success from nothing. Show them how you can turn bad moments into better moments and how you can keep good moments forever.’

Welcome to the 1st weekend of 2016. It is wonderful to have you on board and to start the New Year with the desire to create long-term Happiness. The cultivation of Happiness is a very difficult Science because there isn’t a single book in the market that demonstrates constant Happiness. Whatever we read may inspire us for the moment but when something suddenly inhibits us we tend to sway away from happiness. We become focussed or absorbed with the problem at hand. Over 20 years ago I investigated the true Science of Happiness and how to cultivate it. It involved an incredible amount of research, test, experiments and inferences. My findings were listed in my book ‘The Key to Happiness.’ Happiness is something that is within us but it would appear that an external stimulus needs to unleash it. Getting up in the morning is the deciding factor. You could wake up to sadness, madness, loneliness, badness or emptiness. On the other hand, you could also wake up to kindness, gentleness, happiness, gladness, loveliness or goodness. Whatever the external factor is it acts as a stimulus to release sadness or happiness from within you. To overcome sadness, you need to live in anticipation. I suggest taking a mental picture of your surroundings which I call The Picture Postcard. A physical picture won’t hurt either. Is it raining, stormy or windy. Is there animosity in the air? Did you get upset watching the news on TV? Already you have created a Picture Postcard of your day. The next step is to change the context of your picture into something different. We spoke about different techniques in the past. Today I want to talk about the Polarising Effect. Did you have a hangover? Are you struggling? Is there anger at home? Is there anger at work? Did you finish your homework? The Polarising Effect makes you switch negatives into positives. Bad News must be polarised with aspiration. Bad weather should be polarised with preparation. Underlying debt should be polarised with eradication. The Polarising Effect takes sad Picture Postcards and turns them into happy Picture Postcards by the end of your day. Our primary objective is to create 365 happy Picture Postcards for 2016. The following words helps:

Style, Fashion, Modern, Clean, Design, Dream, Inspire, Photo and Create.

Style promotes elegance and grace in an individual. No matter what happens around you always try to maintain your style. Fashion is personal. Keep to trends that are fitting to tomorrow’s outlook. Prepare in advance and be determined to look your very best. Being Modern is keeping up to date with changing trends. We spoke about Fashion but what about keeping up to the digital age. Design and Dream work hand in hand. You dream and then design if you like what you dreamt about. Inspire to live and live to inspire. Inspiration motivates you to take action despite the chaos around you. Photos creates images and images creates dreams, goals and memories. Take snapshots at the beginning and at the end of your day. Be creative. Creativity stimulates you to be resourceful at the best of times and at the worst of times. Dear Friends, everyone has problems of their own. Use the right tool for the right job and you will see results. Take bad situations and turn them into positive simulations. Create 365 Perfect Picture Postcards before the end of 2016. Do read my daily articles at or Each keyword listed above or in previous articles will explored in greater depth during 2016. I am sure you are going to love it. Have a wonderful, restful and relaxing weekend. With love from your eternal friend - Anthony

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