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‘Nothing outranks The Philosophy of Altruism. To succeed in life, you need to show a valued interest in your fellow human being. You need to give in the same way you would expect to receive. You need to care, share and remain fair at all times.’

Greetings and salutations from me, Anthony Pan on a slightly less chiller day here in the hub of good old London Town. Thank you ever so much for your valued feedback, RTs, DMs and endearing friendships. I am eternally grateful to create a new friend amongst friends. Today I want to talk about an expansion of friendship and that is altruism. Yes, Altruism is the human Philosophy to appreciate one’s role and one’s existence. Understanding your role in life exemplifies your existence and the timeframe allocated to it.  Wandering at the role given to you by man is a false ego. You start by feeling wanted and later expect the unexpected of being unwanted. Today I want to tell you and verily too that your ego must be developed by yourself, for yourself and for the purpose of your existence. I want you to ride the silver cloud from birth to death in a journey that lasts for 100 years. I want you to be transported under silver rain to your next destination. More about Silver Journeys in a later instalment. Silver is the transport medium for all living entities. The Philosophy of Altruism is as old as man himself. The Philosophy of Altruism is a clear indication of the purpose of both man and woman. The Philosophy of Altruism boils down to three endearing qualities in a human being and these qualities are Caring, Sharing and Remaining Fair. Not much to ask for but much to contend with. The reason for this is that although it is easy to be good, it is actually quite hard to sustain it. We are swayed with a genetically encoded transcript that has been passed on from generation to generation called GREED. A single human chromosome can have as many as 500 million DNA, with each DNA consisting of thousands of genes. In simple terms genes can be regarded as coded information blocks about living organisms which is passed onto their offspring. This creates distinct characteristics in the offspring such as the colour of one’s eyes, their height, their IQ and so on. When we think GREED we create coded messages to pass onto our offspring so that they could continue with their proposed inheritance. The running of the family business, marrying into wealthy families or pushing for tertiary education to secure better jobs are some of the traits. The Philosophy of Altruism differs. The Philosophy of Altruism states quite clearly that human beings are fundamentally the same and have the right to live equally. They need to coexist as one and to live in harmony irrespective of creed, culture and custom. We all have roles to play in life but that role must be mustered up by an individual’s collective choice.  If you want to be a Doctor, a Carpenter, A Driver, a Nurse, A Teacher, a Pilot, an Accountant or whatever your heart desires with intense passion, it’s up to you. The Philosophy of Altruism states that as a recruit in the vast employment bureau of The Universe you need to be unselfish. You need to care, to share and to remain fair. So, as a fully pledge recruit in the field of your choice you cannot be greedy even though you may feel that way. Your encoded genes must be aligned to good values in life so that when they are passed on to your offspring they too will be in turn be good. To care for another human being or for the flora or the fauna or for our planet as a whole is by far the most important part of our daily ritual. You cannot walk pass someone that is without shelter, food or love and think nothing of it. You need to care. This is your primary objective in life. You are employed in the faculty of your choice but the care that you extend to someone else is much more significant. To share your last loaf of bread exhibits your desire to care for someone else. To give part of your salary to those that are destitute illustrates your unselfishness. To walk the streets of your life and do these things with sincerity and without acknowledge strengthens your ego. Every good deed accrues a spiritual reward in heaven. A spiritual bank balance is worth more than anything that your earthy bank can deliver in terms of interest. To be fair in life eliminates the need to meet the unfairness in life. To be fair makes you not to swear, stare, fall into a snare, get into an emotional flare or become scared. To be fair is augmented when you start your day in a prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude.  To be fair enables you to bear the burden of human sufferings by following on with a simple gesture called help. To be fair makes you aware of the temperament of someone else such as a stranger or the possible outcome of danger. To be fair makes you take out the despair in life by wanting to care and share. To remain fair makes you prepare a day in advance. Every single day of your life will hold a new episode of varying magnitudes. Preparation initiates you to help, meditation helps you to be calm, aspiration enables you to create related goals. Dear Friends, The Philosophy of Altruism is your greatest role in life. It starts from birth and ends when you die. It is a daily ritual performed with passion and desire. It is something that you spontaneously do and it is a skill that you need to pass onto the new generations that follows you. I wish you a wonderful Thursday. May you prosper in all that you do and may you apply the brakes to selfishness and accelerate the pedal that drives unselfishness. Don’t forget to read my articles and watch my related videos on my blogs at – and

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