Thursday, 14 January 2016

The 3rd Law of The Universe

The 3rd Law of The Universe

Quote of the day

‘All matter does matter from sub-atomic particles to colossal planets. Everything in The Universe coexist with uniformity and conformity unless compelled to do otherwise. A planet will orbit its star continually unless compelled to do otherwise and a natural satellite will orbit its planet continually unless compelled to do otherwise. This compulsion is not a random force of The Universe but instead a directed one.’

A graceful welcome to yet another cold day in good old London Town with temperatures falling again to create some sleet or possible snow. Do wrap up well if you are faced with the onslaught of cold weather and remember to slip, slap and slop if you live in countries where the temperatures are high. To be successful in life you need uniformity and conformity. You cannot be successful through a random process. The winners of the world’s largest jackpot yesterday exhibit the random process of millions of entries to create one success story. Conformity and uniformity on the other hand creates real and lifelong winners that live to love and love to live. They are the success stories of the future. Everyone is a billionaire. We don’t realise the value of our time and our abilities but instead focus on our money and more money. We are indeed millionaires or billionaires at heart and can manufacture the concept of being millionaires or billionaires in pocket if the desire is there. Money does not buy time and our abilities but our time and our abilities can create the wealth according to our needs. What is wealth when you do not have good health. Good health creates wealth but wealth cannot create good health. Today we tap into the 33d Law of The Universe which is all about uniformity and conformity rather than inconsistency and random processes. We know that The Universe is old. We know that The Universe is a success story. We know what we see, but unfortunately don’t know what we cannot see. Today I want to tell you that your life like every particle in The Universe has a meaningful purpose and behind that purpose comes a reason. Without a reason there is no purpose. Behind a reason is an intelligence, an intelligence with an aim, an intelligence with a cause and an intelligence with a purpose. Intelligence Is about intellectual abilities. It is the brain power to design and the capacity to create. You can clearly see The Creation in front of you during the day and during the night. It is tangible. You can feel it, touch it and see it. However, the intelligence behind it is something that you cannot see. As an analogy look at the things you created as a result of your creativity. Your world that you created as a result of your time and abilities is what we can see. It is tangible. In the years that have gone by you raised a family, bought a home, became educated, went on holidays and created friends and families ties. You did it in a unique way despite the ups and downs that you may have endured. What we see is what you created. However, we cannot see the intelligence within you, we can only see an expression of your intelligence. Therefore, Dear Friends, I urge you to adhere to Uniformity and Conformity in all that you do. Don’t place your future on a probability or a random process. You could lose decades of your life doing just that. Look at The Creation and take a chapter from what you see and apply it to what you can do. Where there is uniformity and conformity there will never be chaos in your life, in your home, in your abode, in your country and on your planet. Out there in the vastness of The Universe there is an obvious intelligence, the intelligence many of us call Almighty GOD. Tomorrow we shall reflect on these three Laws and apply it to find happiness not just for today or tomorrow but for as old as The Universe.

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