Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The 2nd Law of The Universe

The 2nd Law of The Universe

Quote of the day

‘Animals are fundamentally different built with appendages to suit their needs. Take away those needs and you obliterate an entire species. Gone are the dinosaurs and the Tasmanian Devil for their work is no longer needed and in comes the domesticated cats and ungulates for their needs is concurrent to the 21st century.’

A very, very Happy midweek to you Dear Friends from an expected chilly London Town thanks to the fresh arctic air that blows across our insular abode. Today as promised we look at the 2nd Law of The Universe and its importance to our overall well-being and success. There is obvious success in the cosmos because there has been order in The Universe for almost 14 billion years and regretfully, chaos on Earth since we took over. So, why not take a page or two from The Creation, follow the leaders of creativity, the purveyors of originality and the masters of peace and harmony. We can live a life of creativity, originality together with peace and harmony, if we wanted to. We just need to look into our holy book to rekindle our spirits. We need to ask the question, what is life all about? What is life without life itself? What was the purpose of the dinosaur? Why do birds fly? Everything in life has a reason. You need to see it in order to become free from your doubts. Why is there a new day, exactly like the day before? You need to hear the sound of nature before it disappears at the end of your day. It is all about engaging your senses and using them effectively and profitably. Do you marvel at the diversity of nature? Do you acknowledge the cat, the bat, the rat, the dog, the hog, the frog, the monkey or the donkey for their presence? Every species of life, approximately 7.7 million has a defined, combined, assigned and designed purpose. To some of us they may look weird, eerie and scary. Why does a centipede or a millipede has so many legs? Is it weird, eerie or scary? They are not weird because they are geared according to nature’s decree. They are not eerie or weary but are cheery in all they daily chores. Without the centipede or the millipede our planet will be different, perhaps a little more hostile. They are not scary, perhaps a little hairy but carry out natures work in a specific way. Down in the deep they creep sweeping the surface of the ocean floor. On the ground, below the ground and above the ground they recycle like true disciples, they dig, break and bury twigs to be used for a reason to live and strive. Animals are indeed fundamentally different, humans on the other hand are fundamentally the same. Animals work under the compliance of nature, humans seem to work in defiance of nature. What is right will never go wrong. Animals are defined according to nature’s decree. You cannot move animals from one place to another. They are adapted to meet the workload of today and can be readapted to meet the work of tomorrow. Animals work in a combined way to establish a food chain, thus keeping populations in control and in establishing foundations for new generations. Animals are assigned for specific roles. You cannot throw in few zebras in the Galapagos Islands and create a new world, all you will do is end an existing one. Animals are designed for the purpose. Elongation for the giraffe to reach the acacia shrubs and innovation for crustaceans to develop claws to snap. Mother Nature is an elaborate industrial workshop employing millions of species of life to make a unique home for us. As much as we depend on Mother Nature, Mother Nature depends on us too. Change the nature of your intent and you will create a shift from normality. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Tidal Waves, Floods, Droughts, Hurricanes, Storms, Gales, Cyclones, Tornadoes, Thunderstorms and Wildfires become imminent. It is a bit like a huge Corporation. Change or alter the Management structure and you face the consequences of such an action. The Corporation could collapse or it could improve. Mother Nature is like a Corporation. We are management and the workers are the plant and animal kingdom. Make wrong decisions or selfish ones and chaos follows you around the globe like a computer virus. Dear Friends, I urge and plead that you to take heed, look after every breed that paces the Earth, feed back into the soil what you don’t need and proceed henceforth with pride and passion.

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