Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Setting the limits

Setting the limits

Quote of the day

‘The greater your assets, the greater are your responsibilities. You need to set limits so that your responsibilities match your assets. Many a meritocratic goal setter fails at this level of success because they assets often outweighs their responsibilities.’

Welcome to midweek, Dear Friends. It is the last midweek of January 2016. Thank you for tuning in. Midweeks are important to me because it helps me to determine whether I am making good progress during my working week or not. This is the general mind-set that you need to cling onto. Work steadily during your working week and reward yourself with a relaxing weekend. Do this for the rest of your life and you shall be rewarded even greater at the gateway of Heaven. Setting the limits to your goals is quite important because if you cannot balance your assets with your responsibilities you face losing them. A property developer for example can become embroiled in too many properties that he or she may fail to look after their tenants fairly. They just focus on rent, rent and rent and are not willing to spend a cent, another cent or more sense on their responsibilities. Parents aim to have children but when the going gets tough their responsibilities gets tougher. Children often get neglected and eventually feel frustrated. Passing your driving test will often urge you to become a safer driver but the reality changes when you encounter other drivers. Your responsibility as a driver then diminishes. Your test changes to a combination of stress, distress and depress manoeuvres because you encountered road rage. Golden Goals are called golden because you want to achieve them and have the capability to receive them as well as perceive them. Receiving something that you worked so hard for is not just a certificate that hangs on your wall but the acknowledgement of the responsibilities that are attached to it. Perceiving such a goal is equally important such as a car, a home, a child, a qualification, a holiday or a promotion. It makes you understand your responsibilities in full, it makes you feel the reality of your hard work and makes you realise how capable you really are. Dear Friends, I therefore urge you to identify your real needs in life and once you create your assets you need to guarantee them with your responsibilities. The deeper you tread the more oxygen you will need to undertake the responsibilities attached to it. Did you really need that? Was that purchase really necessary? Do you need to go for 14 days instead of 7 days? Did you need to overindulge? Sometimes when we put our foot into we tend to become stuck with it. It is never too late to take your foot out of something. You just need to let go. A lot of us want to hang onto something because of the monetary value attached to it. We just need to let go and deal with the loss. Sometimes giving something away may help someone else. Perhaps you may consider selling it at a lower price. Doctors too follow ethical principles, some forget this and want to make more money like the cardiologist in the USA who overcharged his patients. Dear Friends, success in life comes from time management.  Use every second of your life profitably and effectively. If you made a mistake step back. Think about what you did then seek to resolve. Once resolved you need to start all over again. Have a wonderful midweek. Take your time in making decisions. Take your time in appreciating what you already have. With love and best wishes from your eternal friend.

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