Monday, 11 January 2016

The Laws of The Universe

The Laws of The Universe

Quote of the day

‘Abide by The Laws of The Universe and you shall glide through the journey of your life with great Success. The Laws of The Universe guides towards righteousness, provides you with Inspiration and makes you avoid collisions, indecisions and constant inhibitions.’

A very, very chilly start to a new working week from me, Anthony Pan cuddled beneath our Maple tree seeking new inspiration for me and you. It is a real pleasure to grace your presence today, the 11th day of December 2016. Today I want to start a series of articles just for you lasting for several days called ‘The Laws of The Universe.’ They are called ‘The Laws of The Universe because you cannot disprove them and if you abide by them success will always fall upon you. Success can be seen in the thresholds of time where the purpose of humans took form and became the sole custodians of their domain. What are The Laws of The Universe and what are the implications of these laws for you as a budding Meritocratic Goal Setter of the 21st Century. The Laws are many. but the purposes of this abridged series is to jolt your spirit into reminding you of how important 2016 can be for you. Many people will often say I don’t believe in GOD whilst others do believe but are not true custodians of the living world. I witnessed a revelation over 21 years ago that changed my life, my philosophy, my ideology, my methodology and my theology. Today I walk a path that is righteous, adventurous and purposeful. Today I write my article to you hoping that you too will follow me into a path that leads to such a wonderful avenue of happiness and joy. Do you ever wonder why pain and sorrow proliferates its intensity across the globe on a daily basis? I constantly do. Why would a child go to bed without a meal? Why do people suffer as a result of human turmoil? Why do we go to war? Why is there abuse in our homes, in the streets that we live and in our cities that rank as developed countries or as developing countries? Why do we squander, wander, ponder and launder? Why do we steal, squeal, create the crooked deal or live in constant ordeal? Why do men and women fight with all their might, spite each other and smite even when they feel that they are wrong? Why do we invade the privacy of citizens of the world, why do we create blockades towards friendship and pervade sadness across the lands? Why do we hate each other, berate one and another, frustrate our fellow human beings and why do we escalate little things into bigger things? Why do children go astray, become a source of prey, feel a sense of dismay or want to disobey their parents, their peers or authority? Why does deforestation continue or why is climate change not addressed with the seriousness it deserves? Why is there obesity amongst the young and the old? Why do we act greedily and often illegally? Why do families have feuds, remain shrewd, like to intrude or exclude rather than include everyone in their lives? Dear Friends, one of the key problem areas in our lives is that we do not adhere to The Laws of The Universe. The Laws are there for a reason and like how all contents of the Universe, from galaxies, planets and stars adhere to such laws we need to do the same. One of our biggest drawbacks to succeed in life is that we have become blinded with knowledge and deafened by logic. To gain mastery over your life you need to start from scratch. Like how The Universe started you need to start from ground rules. Understanding these rules helps you to understand yourself, your purpose in life and your contributions in life as a sole custodian of your domain. Previous Quote: ‘Many people that live in doubt often find that their uncertainty comes from being blinded by knowledge and deafened by logic.’ The 1st Law of The Universe: ‘All human beings are fundamentally the same and therefore have an equal right to live in equality.’ The above Law will be the subject of tomorrow’s article. I hope that you will find the time to join me. As much as you are being inspired daily, so am I. I once felt that my life has a purpose. Now I am convinced that my life is fully purposeful. Have a wonderful start to your working week and remember take full command of your life and live it in the best and most logical way.

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