Saturday, 30 January 2016

Turning Negatives into Positives

Turning Negatives into Positives

Quote of the day

‘One of our weakest links in life is that we carry too much of negatives along our journey to success. We need to let go by switching our negatives into positives with immediate effect to change our outlook to life.’

Welcome to your weekend, the final one in January and to bring our wonderful opening month in the year to an end I want to talk about letting go. We need to start turning negatives into positives. Negatives is a firm rejection to what you can be or want to be. Positives on the other hand is a firm approval of what you can be or want to be. We are all fundamentally the same and therefore can achieve anything in life, we just need to let go of the negatives. This has been proven so there is no need to doubt it. It is a simple psychological switch in our mind that we need to activate. Any switch whether it is mechanical, electrical or psychological will switch the state of something from on to off or vice versa. We need to switch from old to young, from poor to rich, from bad habits to good habits, from poor health to good health and from sadness to happiness. Visualisation is the key ingredient to you overall success. If you are fat, you need to visualise yourself as a thin and slim person. You need to create a virtual wardrobe to accommodate the new you. Donate your old clothes and switch them to new ones that you can fit into. If you are poor, in debt and struggling immensely you need to visualise yourself as financially independent racing to get out of debt. You need to create a new wardrobe of independency by getting rid of all your debts in a proposed time period and bring in new credit to your life. Switching is easy if you are willing to let go. If you are still clinging onto addictions, then you will be faced with constant contradictions. I say onto you and verily too, face your addictions with additions and subtractions. Yes, add positives into your life and subtract negatives from it. Add life to your life. Enjoy every second of it. Add love to overcome hate. Subtract hate and let love reappear. Add money to your pocket by emptying your closet of all unwanted items. Let go. Throw away the negatives and grow the positives. Don’t smoke because you know that you will end up with a stroke. Don’t drink because you know you will stink and not be able to think. Don’t do drugs, don’t be a thug and reject those negative bugs. Switch to positives. Take stress and switch it to finesse. Take tactlessness and transform it into diplomacy. Create positives from negatives. Separate positives from negatives. Use the psychological switch. Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy every moment of it and reflect on the last 30 days to establish your progress in 2016. With 335 days left there is a lot to do. Start by identifying your negatives and let’s work together in February and turn them into positives.

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