Monday, 25 January 2016

The Nutty Strawberry Smoothie

The Nutty Strawberry Smoothie

250ml of milk, preferably skimmed
250ml of almond milk
Some nuts of your choice, gently crushed.
12 Fresh ripened strawberries
I ripened banana
A scoop of vanilla ice-cream
Mint leaves

To your blender add both your milk and almond milk
Add some crushed nuts of your choice such as cashews, almonds or peanuts.
Add your vanilla ice cream. Choose a good quality vanilla ice-cream.
Slice your ripened banana and add to your blender
Wash your strawberries in salted water. Drain, remove leaves and cut in half.
Add most of your strawberries into your blender and if you prefer some sugar.
Add the remainder of the strawberries into two chilled glasses
Switch on your blender and whisk until smooth.
Pour into your chilled glasses and sprinkle with washed mint leaves.
Do enjoy.

Add a sprinkling of oats if you like to enjoy your smoothie for breakfast

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