Friday, 8 January 2016

It’s time to FIDDLE

It’s time to FIDDLE

Quote of the day

‘The time to FIDDLE has come. Yes, in order to start ALL over you need to manipulate a strategy for 2016 that works. Such a strategy comes from the word FIDDLE. FIDDLE stands for Fashion, Inspiration, Dream, Design, Love and Elegance.’

Welcome to the end of 1st week of 2016, 8 days have gone by or 676800 seconds, what does the next 357 days holds for you. Dear Friends, the next 357 days are no different to any other days because opportunities are at your disposal, 24/7. The Universe is opulent, your needs are so marginal that even if you took a little more it wouldn’t really matter. What really matters are that you need to be aware of the possibilities in life available to you and to have the mind-set to use it profitably. To help you achieve this I am going to ask you to FIDDLE. FIDDLE stands for Style, Inspiration, Dream, Design, Love and Elegance The word FIDDLE in this instance implies manipulating opportunities in your life to your advantage. You need to incorporate Fashion into your agenda. Fashion or Style is quality and character befitting to a human being of the 21st Century. Style gives you the panache that the world sees and of course our Heavenly Father who watches over you daily. You are a human being so behave like one. Become the best in your chosen field and be stylish in all that you do. Set examples for others to follow and live by the standards outlined in The Laws of The Universe. Universal Laws are commandments set forth by our Heavenly Father and administered by the angels to see you through a tough journey. Life is indeed a tough journey because people make it tough for you, today I want to help you to lessen your daily burden. I will always provide you with daily Inspiration to lighten your world and to brighten your day. I want to stimulate you to become a great individual that lived on Earth for a valued and purposeful reason. I want you to Dream and Design. Yes, you have the imagination to dream and I have the tools to help you design your future. You have to believe that you are no different to anyone else. We are all the same and therefore have an equal right to anything that we require. Extracting your Passion and Desire must be congenial with Love. In other words, you cannot extract from The Universe something that you did not want and then discard it into the oblivion. You must Love what you want to do or what you want to become. If you can then what follows will be beyond your imagination. Now that you know exactly what you require then take it from The Universe with elegance. If you need a plot of land to live on, then take it. However, don’t it in a constant repetition of inelegance. Don’t take a plot of land and capitalise on it whilst others remain homeless. If it is property development that tickles your fancy, then do it properly. Develop to provide a fair development for all. Yes, do make a profit but have your heart and soul in the project. Let the world be proud of your overall and unselfish achievements. Dear Friends, you can make 2016 work for you. Isn’t it time for you to FIDDLE. There are unsuccessful people in the world and there are successful people too. Achieve success with the right mind-set and you will always be a winner. I wish you a joyous weekend. I want you unleash the beauty in you and to come out of your hibernation and taste the opulence of The Universe. You are entitled to anything that your heart desires. If your request is unselfish then The Universe shall provide you with it, guaranteed.

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