Sunday, 31 January 2016

Visionary January

Visionary January

Quote of the day

‘January has been a visionary month for all Universal Friends. It was a month where we became Creative, Universally Friendly, Passionate, Imaginative and Desirable. We were in fact CUPID.’

Farewell January, welcome February. Good day to you Dear Friends, welcome to the final Sunday of January 2016. Sadness falls upon my heart whenever I experience the end of any month. To me January was 31 days of cheer magic and that magic is still alive. January was the start of a New Year for us all and the start of a new beginning that leads eventually to a happy ending. It was the creation of new goals labelled golden goals and it was also the foundation to our centennial life on Earth and our eternal life in The Universe. Some of you maybe new followers on my social media, no worries. It is never too late to start. The question is how do you become CUPID? In other words, how do you become Creative, Universally Friendly, Passionate, Imaginative and Desirable. Well for the benefit of all my friends and for those that did not quite take off like a rocket in 2016 let us reflect on the strategy to perfect our lives. We all have our ups and downs in life. The strategy to perfect our lives is unique to us because we all are inflicted with different traumas. This is an identification you need to make on your own. Once identified which could be one of the following or several of the following: Financial difficulties, Health issues, Terminal Illness, Addictions, Retrenchment, Marital issues, Learning disorders, Abuse, Refugee status, Conflict, Poverty, Rejection, Obesity, Famine, War, Litigation, Racialism, Hate, Disagreements, Problems with your children, Promiscuity or any other forms of disengagements. I encountered or experienced many of the above disengagements. They are all problems that have a relevant solution. Yesterday we spoke about the psychological switch that can turn positives into negatives. This is the mechanism needed to overcome your trauma. Firstly, you need to play CUPID. In other words, you need to become Creative, Universally Friendly, Passionate, Imaginative and Desirable. To be Creative you need to be doused with Inspiration. Universally Friendly does just that. The concept of Universally Friendly is to care, share and remain fair. Universally Friendly abides by the Laws of the Universe. We covered some of the laws during the month of January and we shall look at more laws later on. Your first protocol to lay a solid foundation to your overall dilemma is to receive your daily dose of Inspiration. Creativity starts by identifying what’s needs to be done. It is like taking your car for a service or an MOT. The technician outlines the problem areas that need attention and you have to acknowledge and approve this. So by identifying your trauma you are acknowledging what’s wrong with you and what steps you need to put it right. Universally Friendly is a huge resource Centre having materials to assist you for free unless you need a physical product. These free materials include Newsletters, Newspapers, Articles, Motivational Videos, EBooks, Gifts, Mentoring, Meetings and Inspirational Quotes. No one in the world has such a huge resource Centre and if they do they attach huge sums of money to it. My assistance to you is entirely free unless you need physical and personalised products such as those available from How started off is that some of my friends had a preference to physical products such as picture frames and DVDs. Whatever net profit is made from these sales is passed onto the various charities that Universally Friendly supports. You don’t need to make a purchase because everything at Universally Friendly is free. It is up to you to implement them. Creativity is your resource corridor to create goals to overcome your trauma. We are human beings and none of us should be affected by traumas. We have a job to do and that job is to act as sole custodians of our living world. You simply have to start your day with Inspiration. To do that you need to be affiliated with Universally Friendly. In other words, you need to grasp Inspiration relevant to your predicament. This is how Passion is born in the same way Passion was born again for me 21 years ago. Passion is the power to overcome your trauma. Whatever your trauma is you need that urge to put it right. This is where your Imagination runs wild capturing footage to create dreams. We spoke about all of these aspects to create changes in you before. Don’t despair if you are a new follower because the month of February is about positivity. In the month of February, we shall implement strategies to blow you away. We shall talk with positivity to overcome negativity in you. To play CUPID you need Desire. You need that longing or yearning to be at the pinnacle of your life where success hovers above you. You need to Desire freedom from pain, strain, cocaine, sprain, complain, migraine, restrain, a chain, stain or a drain. Playing CUPID from now will work for you but you need resources at your disposal. Like a builder that needs materials to build you need resources to play CUPID. Dear Friends, I wish you a pleasant exit from the month of January and as we welcome February into our hearts let the carnival of success begin.

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