Monday, 4 January 2016

The Cycle of Life

The Cycle of Life

Quote of the day

 ‘Life is eternal, a walking journal, it is internally and externally spiritual, it is paternal in origin, maternal in upbringing, infamous in the diurnal tides of activity and precarious in the nocturnal cloud of inactivity. In this chain of events we are among the workers of the Earth acting as purveyors, surveyors and conveyors for future generations.’

Welcome to the 1st working week of 2016. Today I want to remind you how important you really are in the cycle of life. The cycle of life is eternal with an infinite line of opportunities opened to you. Like a passenger on a train you can hop on or hop off from one opportunity to another. It is up to you to develop the passion and desire to mould your interests into a chosen field. Your field of choice is not limited to an earthly life but to an eternal one where your travels are not in kilometres but in light years. Such a clandestine cycle of life is important to understand. To believe in yourself makes it a lot easier. We are a walking journal because every second of our daily allocated amount of 84,600 seconds is constantly being recorded. Every good deed accrues a spiritual point. Every bad deed creates a decline in your spiritual bank balance. Many of us hoard treasures in a cove whilst on planet Earth but I say onto you and verily too focus on your spiritual bank account. A substantial spiritual bank account gives you free voyager miles for you to travel around The Universe. The Cycle of Life is internally and Externally spiritual. The radiance of the Sun for example is so mystical but yet so beautiful and logistical. The anomalous behaviour of water is another example of spirituality. Life is abundant in frozen ponds and we are made up of 73% water. Take away the divine power of spirituality and you create chaos at home, in your country, on your planet and in the entire Universe. Life is paternal made up of clusters of nurturing and caring families. Life is ancestral too and therefore we need to love all and not just one. Life is maternal. Without a mother what is life. A mother cares, nurtures, guides, protects and loves her children. Life is quite infamous in the diurnal tides of activity. You can see it for yourself. There are workers of all denominations working laboriously to create a platform for you to subsist. Where would you be if the trees did not create oxygen and simultaneously absorb carbon dioxide? Each level of species both in the plant and animal kingdom have a specific role in life. Take away that role and you will obliterate an entire species. Therefore, as we look, hear, feel and smell we must understand that life is about living, loving, giving and forgiving. Are you going to let bygones be bygones in 2016? What will you ultimately achieve by living a life filled with constant hostility? Life has a meaning, a purpose and a value. Nothing outweighs the value of life. You have the greatest asset in the world, enjoy every second of it. Care for all. Care for the plants and the animals. Care for the old and for the young. Care for our planet. Always recycle, it’s part of the cycle of life. Listen to the nocturnal creatures that exercise different roles. As we sleep they beep, creep, weep, sweep and upkeep. Dear Friends, always regard the cycle of your life as the most important part of your journey in time. Constantly perform at your level best. Be humble and don’t constantly grumble. Be loving and enjoy living. Be kind, aligned, defined and refined. Do these simple things in life and watch how wonderful your life will become. I wish you a wonderful working week and may you be accomplished and fulfilled by the end of it. Do watch my video today which depicts the cycle of life. I would like for you to form your own interpretation of it.

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