Saturday, 9 January 2016

Wounded or Wounding

Wounded or Wounding

Quote of the day

‘Wounds can take a long time to heal. Emotional wounds may last a lifetime. Offensiveness can linger deep into one’s heart, abrasion can scar you permanently and certain words can be oppressing, depressing and distressing.’

A very Happy weekend to all of you from me, Anthony Pan seated here in my study timed at 08:06 in good old London Town. Yesterday I was unduly affected by potent words that was deliberately intended to hurt me emotionally and physically. I felt wounded, weakened and emotionally distraught. Therefore, today I took it upon myself to write openly about The Wounded & The Wounding. Many of you get hurt from time to time and these feelings can be quite debilitating. Wounds are the result of abrasive intents by another individual through physical or mental means. Yesterday, 3 tourists were stabbed in Egypt. In Syria people are eating tree leaves to survive. These are the effects of physical and emotional wounds. Did someone say something vile to you yesterday or did someone look at you with daggers on the train. These are typical emotional wounds. Dear Friends, we can become unconsciously or consciously wounding with words and with force. Is it a humane thing to do? Conversely, we can become unconsciously or consciously wounded with words and with force. Today I want to remind you that a Meritocratic Goal Setter seeks to live without wounding someone through physical or mental means. They know well that words can subject an individual to intimidation. frustration, aggravation and victimisation. I say onto you and verily too, focus on your goals. Target what needs to be done and avoid the unforeseen argument. Leave home with a planned agenda and return home with a feeling of splendour and grandeur. Expect the worse in life but be prepared for it. Always remember that avoidance is better than pursuance. Avoidance lasts for a split second whereas pursuance can last a lifetime. Do you want to carry the wound for the rest of your life? Charter your journey, avoid the rush, become stimulated by the hush and be prepared for the sudden gush. Have the mind-set of a Meritocratic Goal Setter or a Universal Friend. Always remember to care, share and remain fair. Be polite, be courteous, don’t get into a fight. Don’t be airtight, just try to be alright. Don’t spite but try to be nice. Don’t hate but live to love. Don’t disgrace someone but flow with the traffic with a certain degree of elegance and grace. Don’t stare at someone, don’t compare by any means whatsoever. Don’t despair but try to remain aware and beware of the unforeseen. Don’t humiliate, don’t hate or berate. Don’t aggravate someone by your demeanour and don’ frustrate someone by your impatience. Avoid litigation and seek mitigation. Be gentle, kind and humble. Be understanding when there is a misunderstanding. Don’t violate the Laws of your country. Don’t isolate yourself from friends. Concentrate on your daily responsibilities. Keep these applications at hand and watch how you can overcome being wounded or get incited to wound. Focus on your overall success. Travel forward in Time and envisage what will your life be. Do you really want to carry the memories of something that could have easily being avoided? One of the key principles of my overall demeanour is that I always live in anticipation. I am always aware of previous adversities that I encountered in my life, the bullying at school, peer domination, domestic pressure and so on. Dear Friends, use the implications of the past as applications to improve your future. Don’t become the wounded. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you ever so much for all the RTs and likes and for your incredible support.

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