Thursday, 7 January 2016

Starting all over using the DICE Methodology

Starting all over using the DICE Methodology

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‘The TIME to start all over is immediately. The ingredients for such a remarkable recipe is simple. You need just need the right mixture of Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Enthusiasm. I called this the DICE methodology.’

A very humble welcome to rather a cold, windy and rainy day here in good old London Town. It is quite important to be honest with yourself in order to make 2016 work for you. You need to put all your cards on the table and differentiate your inhibitors from your exhibitors. Inhibitors are like little tiny gremlins that hold you back from reaching the summit of your success. They pull you down when you try to get to the top. Exhibitors on the other hand are like little nymphs pushing you forward in life and making you aware of possibilities and opportunities.  To reduce your Inhibition and increase your exhibition I suggest using the DICE Methodology. Your success in life can be likened to a tug-a-war. On one end of the rope you have the gremlins and on the other end you have the nymphs. To succeed you need to power the nymphs in your life and make the gremlins in your life powerless. The DICE Methodology is the preferred method. DICE stands for Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Enthusiasm. With such a roll of the DICE you can start all over. We ALL have the chance in life to start ALL over. We really do and to do this we need to throw the DICE. At the first roll the DICE falls on Determination. Determination is your personal willpower, in other words it is your fortitude and grit to make you change. It is something that needs developing, it may take TIME but TIME is something that you have as your greatest asset. Believing in yourself helps you to be determined. One of the ways I approach the foundation of my determination is to visualise. Yes, I visualise what I would like to achieve in say 10 years. I look ahead in a decade and see what my life will be like. In other words, I am a Modern Day Time Traveller. I looked ahead and saw exactly what I want to become and how it feels. This visualisation actually expands my horizon. It develops the passion and desire in me to work steadily to achieve something from nothing. In other words, I am starting all over. I see a picture of my goals and I like what I see. I believe in myself and I am now fully determined. To keep my determination on a growth cycle which I refer to as The GRAND cycle I always seek Inspiration. More about The GRAND cycle in a later instalment. Finding Inspiration for you is not hard. You have already found it, in my daily inspirational content. Inspiration keeps your Determination alive, always remember that. The next step is Courage. Courage can best be defined as that personal pluck a person needs to venture into something new without being overcome by common adversities. Courage is always within you but possibly suppressed by previous convictions. Your personal Courage must surface from within you. Be guided by people that believe in your abilities and avoid people that doubt your abilities. The doubters will always be the routers in your life. The believers will always encourage achievers. Dear Friends, the final ingredient in your recipe to starting all over is Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is something you have to develop.  No one can do that for you. I can Inspire, motivate, encourage or demonstrate but if you do not take action the recipe will be a flop. Don’t forget to throw the DICE in the right sequence and use it effectively to start all over. You have the power to implement and the ability to polarise the effects of negativity into a life of positivity. I wish you all the best as we approach the end of the 1st week of 2016. Don’t give up. Create the magic that makes dreams come true.

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