Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The 1st Law of The Universe

The 1st Law of The Universe

Quote of the day

‘All human beings are fundamentally the same and therefore have an equal right to live in equality.’

Greetings to ALL of you from a colder London Town with the high expectancy of frost and possible snow later in the week. It may be cold outside but it certainly is warm inside knowing that you are here tuned in to a wonderful world of Inspiration. The world of inspiration is indeed wonderful but how wonderful it is will depend on how wonderful you want it to be. Look above you, look below you and look around you and you will see what a wonderful world it really is. The magnificence of the undulating landscape, perfectly covered with the right chemistry of beauty awaits your presence. The delightful meandering streams, brooks and rivers brings the essence of survival directly to the workers of the living world. The perfect fruit, the superb flowers, the amazing wildlife and the fantastic serenity exemplifies how wonderful our world really is. Our living world is a canvas of magnificence, a tapestry of delightfulness, a chemistry of astonishment and a majesty of brilliance. When we came along two by two we were destined to become the sole custodians of such a wonderful world. We were sent as recruits to manage the numbers, bandage the wounded and salvage any damages caused by natural and unnatural events. We needed to replenish used stock with new livestock using an armoury of knowledge and an artery linked to the heavens above. Our bodies were designed for the job and our mind was designed to think about our responsibilities. Anatomically we are the same from high above to down under. Theologically we have the same doctrine towards praying and believing. Methodically we can all create, design, dream, love, learn, understand, devise, employ, enjoy, write, act and narrate. Technologically we have the appendages to construct, irrigate, cultivate, administrate, assimilate, decorate and interrelate. Philosophically we can mediate, translate, relate, captivate, motivate, rejuvenate, care, share and remain fair. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we are all fundamentally the same. We have the same anatomy from the basic cell to the complex organs. Yet, we do the converse of our given roles. We act in a very vile way, disseminating blasphemy and cultivating evil. We fight, we hate, we despise, we hurt, we abuse, we kill, we maim, we steal, we are materialistic, antagonistic, sadistic and pessimistic. We drifted from our morals, we are always on the brink of a quarrel and run into stress encounters for no real reason. We age without fulfilling a page in our written agenda. We seek a better wage and go on the rampage when we don’t get what we want. As we err we become less aware of our wonderful world. We live to compare and despair when the tables are turned. The 1st Law of The Universe states emphatically that ALL humans are fundamentally the same. Yet, we live to differ. Can you disprove such a law? Is it right to do wrong? Is it right to destroy or is it wrong to enjoy? There is so much to do. There is so much to put right. There are so many challenges to be made and there are so many people that live poorly. As a conglomeration of united citizens of our wonderful world we can restore peace and equanimity in every crick, crack or canny. The 1st protocol to a moral life is to look at everyone without judging them but loving them instead. The 2nd protocol is to understand our fundamental role in life and to have the endurance to exercise it. I hope that you will join me tomorrow for the 3rd instalment in this series. Can you hazard a guess what the 2nd Law might be?

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