Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is Impossible

Quote of the day

‘Nothing is impossible. Inspiration Makes People Optimistic, Successful, Spiritual, Intelligent, Brave, Loving and Eternal. Find Inspiration and everything becomes possible.’

Hello Dear Friends and welcome to another day in our 365 journey to new changes in our lives and to collective changes around the world. There is so much of pessimism out there in the world of commerce. Graduates are working at low rates. First Time Home Buyers are finding prices higher. Interest rates are usurious. Can you imagine seeing on TV interest rates on personal loans as high as 1260%. It is like legalising loan sharks. Students are now lumbered with huge debts. Bets on High Streets outlets makes you live a life of regrets. The rung to the ladder of success seems to be getting higher and higher. With such pessimism out there what are our chances to make 2016 our year for change. My solution is not to place reliance on man. Man will let you down. Man will give you a nervous breakdown. I say onto you and verily too place reliance on Almighty GOD. GOD will never let you down and GOD will grant you anything that you unselfishly want. I say this with great confidence and providence because I was touched by a miracle and everything that I unselfishly wanted was granted. It all started with Inspiration. Inspiration can be felt in the very early hours of the morning, around 4am when Venus can be seen. Inspiration comes from the heavens above and can be felt in your heart. It is wonderful to feel inspiration in your heart. It is very much like an electrical boost that jolts you from the dark corridors of your negativity. Today I use the word IMPOSSIBLE as an acronym or power word to help you retrieve your daily dose of Inspiration. Inspiration Makes People Optimistic, Successful, Spiritual, Intelligent, Brave, Loving and Eternal. Optimism in life is about developing confidence in All that you do. It is one’s personal gauge to record and monitor your positivity in life. If you are Optimistic, then it is very likely that you will be an overall success rather than an overnight success. Overall Success in life is about accomplishing and fulfilling your weekly tasks. For this you are always rewarded with a personalised weekend. Spirituality is about your personal belief in Almighty GOD. Without a Spiritual unison life has no real value and purpose. Inspiration brings Intelligence. Intelligence is your acumen to reach the summit of your individual success. Inspiration gives you the power to become Brave. Braveness enables you take on any goal in life with ease and the required expertise. Inspiration makes you Loving. It is the power to be fond of life, the power to care for someone else and the power to be warm and receptive. Inspiration makes you eternal because Inspiration is an eternal source of energy always there to be used forever and ever. You are an eternal person. Although you are changing anatomically, as an entity you are as old as The Universe travelling in a vestibule of adventure. Dear Friends I urge you to make the impossible possible. Whatever you want in life will be presented to you in a lifetime. When you receive it appreciate it. Sometimes you may have to wait a while but the wait is worth it. In need of a house, in need of validation, in need of money, in need of love, in need of care, in need of friends or in need of good health just ask for it. Nothing is impossible. Have a wonderful evening. I look forward to your wonderful presence tomorrow.

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