Saturday, 23 January 2016

Science Fiction becomes Science Factual

Science Fiction becomes Science Factual

Quote of the day

‘Science Fiction starts in the mind of the thinker who implements a need and then tries to supplement a related feed. If the link is made, then Science Fiction becomes Science Factual.’

Welcome to your weekend. It is a good start to the weekend here in good old London town where the Sun makes an appearance to provide renewed hope for all. Cold weather puts a hamper on our daily routine. Hot weather can be equally punishing as it makes you feel sticky and kind of tricky in certain situations. I always maintain, anticipate the next second and you shall take full command of your life. Science Fiction actually took full anticipation of the next second and today has become Science Factual. In the very early eighties when I embarked on my digital career I was once beguiled at a suggestion that TVs would be hung on the wall by the turn of the century. To add to my fascination, it was suggested too that the TV would become a picture frame when not in use. In other words, at a flick of a switch you could choose to have a picture of say the Mona Lisa in your living room or wildebeests sweeping majestically across the Savanah. It was also suggested in the early 80s that the CPU will be classed as VLSM or Very Large Scaled Microchips that has over 5000 transistors in them. Today that proposal has changed dramatically. A VLSM today has millions of transistors in them ready to take your instructions, process them and display them on a flat screen.  How do you fit into all of these incredible changes and how does it affect you as a meritocratic Goal Setter of the 21st Century? We must ALL remember that computers are just machines able to perform work.  So, if we need to perform effectively and productively then we need to choose the appropriate machine. Do we need a machine to clean, a machine to see a screen, a machine to grind coffee beans, a machine to understand genes, a machine to create fine cuisines, a machine to refine gasoline, a machine to administer a sophisticated submarine or a machine to develop a vaccine, the choice is yours? Science Fiction has become Science Factual. As a meritocratic Goal Setter of the 21st Century you need to implement the right tool for your overall success. Machines need maintenance. Maintenance cost money. Money is hard to come by. Therefore, I urge you to choose the right tool. Don’t be a fool that hoards tools in his or her shed. Go to school and understand your tool. Don’t drool, be cool. Science Factual must not become Science Conceptual. In other words, don’t buy a PC that does everything but you don’t understand half of it. Learn to use your machine effectively. Understand your needs and find a machine that feeds your needs. Watch out for telesales personnel that push you to buy something that you don’t really need. This is called the funnel method of selling. Success is actually a Science in itself. In the old days we had the likes of Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Deepak Chopra and Jose Silva. Today we have technology that drives a different approach. Be careful what you choose. Choose wisely and don’t buy blindly. Grasp what you need for your needs. Look for something that gives you the longest warranty. Use your machine to make your workload easier. I wish you a restful Saturday. Take care and enjoy that family togetherness that guarantees to create smiles, laughter and joy.

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