Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Express your emotions openly

Express your emotions openly

Quote of the day

‘Emotions are pockets of energy locked within you. They are inner feelings that can accelerate the ageing process if you bottle it up. You need to release it so that the world understands your sentiments. Such an action creates a reaction that the world takes note of.’

A very pleasant welcome to all of you at the pivotal point of our working week, which is midweek. Midweek is like a candle burnt halfway. Did the first part of the candle light up your working week? Did it enable you to see more clearly into the confusion of life? Will the second half of the candle create a votive appeal towards you? Every day in our lives whether we are at work or school is defined on our we approach it. A light brightens the imagery of opportunities in front of us. It inspires us to move eloquently forward and to participate in a worldly affair. Take away the light and we take away opportunities that stares us straight in the face and we also take away the passion of inspiration. Opportunities enhances our lifestyle. Without it we will wander through life without a cause. Take away Inspiration and we are severed from the conduit that links us to the pot of infinite success. Success is not just about materialistic gain but the concept of living a fulfilled and accomplished life on a daily basis. Trapping your emotions inside you is like extinguishing the candle in your daily life. Emotions can stall your thinking process and waste valuable seconds of your worthy life. If you have an emotion let the world hear your story, your pain and your worries. President Obama openly released his emotions and woke the entire world. It is vital to express how you feel and to discuss issues that stalls your road to success. Time is your most precious asset; you cannot waste even a second. Seconds wasted accumulates to a lifetime of worries. Wasted time can also be put to use. Let us assume you wasted a decade of your life as a result of your predicament. How you can change this around is to learn from your experiences of pain and sufferings. What hurt you cannot hurt you again. To do this you need to release those inner energy pockets that is bottled up within you. It is a bit like having a bowl of exotic fruits. They are obviously attractive, colourful, nutritional and divine. However, if one fruit is rotten it will contaminate the entire bowl. The solution, discard the rotten plum and extend the life of the rest of the fruit. Keeping emotions bottled up inside you contaminates your entire body. Your cells deteriorate and your organs function poorly. The ageing process is accelerated and your road to success is intertwined with distractions, inhibitions and negativity. Dear Friends, I urge you to release your emotions especially to someone that can share them with you. Also be willing to listen to other people’s emotions that are gripping them and causing them to be stressful, forgetful and disorientated. We are all in the same game of life. Life is about living a jolly life, transcribed in a century of daily activities. Every day should hold a placard of accomplishment, fulfilment, adventure, responsibilities, love, care and sharing. Emotions can suppress these virtuosities in life. I want you to start by taking every single day of 2016 and turning into a life of prosperity. Don’t let money make you wallow in the foothills of sorrow. Don’t epitomise the path of a fool. You are very dear to the world. The wildlife in your domain depends on you for their density, the flowers depend on you too for their biodiversity. You are indeed special to this important world. You maybe just one in 7 billion but your presence on planet Earth is of equal importance. Enjoy your life from this precise second. Let tomorrow be a better day and let 2016 be the best year of your life. You can turn negative emotions into positive ones. Positive emotions are good pockets of energy to keep within you. It is those negative pockets of energy that you want to release and discharge into the fiery furnace. I wish you an abundant midweek and may you prosper not from tomorrow or the day after but from the next second.

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