Thursday 24 December 2015



Quote of the day

‘One of the most important goals for a New Year which is by far the most actively sought out goal is your wellness. Wellness is the human business of maintaining lifelong fitness.’

Welcome to Christmas Eve, how wonderful it is to embrace an auspicious day with such noted merriment. Thank you sincerely for finding the time to log onto your favourite Inspirational Channel despite your busy day. Today I quickly want to talk about your wellness and the science behind it. I think it is a goal that you should pursue in 2016. It is a goal that brings happiness to your home and it is a goal that is the least expensive to subdue in the New year. Goals do come in all shapes and sizes and can cost the Earth. Yet, the least expensive goal which pertains to your overall wellness is the primary goal that enables you to achieve all your other goals. With wellness you can become full of goodness, not that you are already good. What I am referring to is goodness all the time, 24/7. Goodness is kindness and it is righteousness. It is about being kind to all but more importantly to yourself. From these foundation qualities comes forth your righteousness. A righteous person always walks the plains of the Earth in noted strides of decency and honesty. They are not swayed by meaningless gossip or idle threats. They are focussed and they get on with the job in hand. With wellness you can maintain lifelong fitness. Fitness can be classified as a person’s robustness. A fit person is a person that creates the perfect kit to survive daily traumas. With these qualities in hand you can move mountains, you can command almost anything and you can demand virtually anything. You can command a lifestyle befitting to your very needs and you can demand the best in life not just for the moment or for the day but throughout your life. Wellness achieves everything your heart desires. Most of us make the common mistake by putting the cart before the horse. We tend to focus on materialistic acquisitions rather than our well-being.

Previous Quote

‘Health creates wealth but wealth cannot create health.’

Dear Friends put your well-being at the top of your wish list. It is the least expensive commitment. You don’t need any money to achieve a good physique. You just need to allocate a time during the day to partake in a schedule exercise routine. Manufacture a process to make your body, soul and mind more refined and renewed for the New Year. I use the word manufacture because we are all different, in age, in size, in height, in culture and in personal interests. Therefore, you need to manufacture or assemble a regime that meets your requirement. I am here to help you choose the right regime and to guide onto a more successful and longer life on planet Earth. That is my lifetime commitment. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve. Go well, be well, do well, think well, dream well, write well, act well, appear well, speak well, remember well, pray exceptionally well, greet well, play well, rest well and work well. The wellness of your heart lies in all of these attributes.

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