Thursday 31 December 2015

The end is nigh and the beginning is nearby

The end is nigh and the beginning is nearby

Quote of the day

‘The end is nigh and it is time to say goodbye. The beginning is nearby too and it is time to be at your PRIME. It is time to Purify, Rectify, Imply, Magnify and Electrify.’

The final day of 2015 has finally arrived. Today the Sun shines an inspirational glow of positivity into our hearts telling us something. My interpretation of this inspirational glow is that a message of hope is written in the skies asking us politely to be in our PRIME. Yet another power word comes to our tables on the final day of 2015. Write this word down and keep it in your diary as a reference source. PRIME stands for Purification, Rectification, Implication, Magnification and Electrification. Purification is the cleansing process of one’s heart by sweeping away hostilities and draping it with possibilities. Hostilities augments your anger and makes you carry it with you into 2016. Do you really want that? Do you want to be angry with every human being including yourself or do you want to replace it with friendliness? What are the possibilities? How about creating friends forever and ever? Surely this is a better approach to your day and your life. Rectification is the Science of making amends. What went wrong can easily be put right. Poverty can be reversed into prosperity. Anger can be replaced with love. Enemies can be exchanged for Friendship. War can be dissolved with peace. It is also a lifelong process of restoring the gentleness in you and the kindness that you once had. Why do I say this? We all are gentle and kind but do not release these qualities in the way we should. Our daily grind makes us selfish and forgetful. We forget to be gentle when gentleness is most needed. We forget the posture of being kind when kindness can change the mood of someone else. Implication is about being suggestive in order to create a worthy inference. Suggestions are always needed in world that is constantly changing. You could be suggestive at home, work or at school. It does not hurt to be suggestive but you need to be impressive rather than aggressive. You cannot force a suggestion onto someone. A suggestion is a proposal and if you take the first step others may follow. Magnification is the power to augment your strength, your energy, your goals, you vision, your personality and your ideas. Magnification is not a crime but rather an enzyme that speeds up your power to achieve and receive. If you lack the drive and energy, then you need to magnify your foods by replacing poor foods with good foods. Knowing that you need a certain amount of energy or vibrancy to get the job done is not enough. You need to top-up with the right nutrients. Good foods create good moods. Magnify your intake and you will see a vast difference to your overall performance. Conversely, reduce your intake of good foods and replace them with junk food and you invite procrastination and lethargies into your life. Finally, Electrification is about captivating your audience in 2016 with sincerity, honesty, positivity and likeability. Electrification is a 24/7 diligent process. Your space and time must reveal to the world that you are here to get the job done. Electrification is about setting examples for others to follow. Are you ready to be at your PRIME in 2016? I feel so excited about meeting 2016. I wish you a very, very Happy New Year and may you become the greatest achiever in your field.

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