Thursday 10 December 2015

The difference between Appreciation and Thank You

The difference between Appreciation and Thank You

Quote of the day

‘We often confuse the gestures of Thank You and Appreciation to a certain degree. A gesture of Thank You denotes a polite expression of gratitude by a Recipient to a donor. Appreciation on the other is a follow-on. The Recipient takes the gesture of the donor and puts it into practice.’

Dear Friends, of whom you shall always be, it is of extreme importance to show gratitude for everything in life. We may ignore our usual donors right in front of very eyes but actually gratitude is by far the greatest human gesture that can bring joy to the donor at a time when it is so much needed. Life can be hectic in a financially demanding world. Sometimes we forget to say thank you and sometimes we do say thank you. What is actually more effective then saying thank you is to follow on with appreciation. 2015 holds a melodrama of very sad events that toppled the lives of so many. It would be sad to carry these melodramas of turmoil and self-destruction into 2016. What makes a day bitter is not the working mechanism of life but rather the working mechanism of a human mind. Do the birds and the bees get in your way and spoil your day? Does the earthworm wiggle its way into your life? Do flowers give off an unpleasant odour as you walk pass them? Does the rotation of planets create a setback in your life? What actually muddles your day is another human being. Clashing with one titan that has a bad temper can be augmented if your temper is equal or greater. The world goes to war when clashes occur. Therefore, I say onto you and verily too start 2016 by being nice. The simplest nicety in life is gratitude consisting of two simple words called Thank you. As I have always stated in the past we have a fundamental purpose in life and that is to act as sole custodians of the living world. What is the point of being alive to only satisfy our senses, to deal with our tormenting expenses and to be on our constant defences? If this is the moral of living you can see quite openly that it is self-inflicted. You live to eat, you live to get in debt and you live to be in denial. Life is a lot more than this. Life is about examining the philosophy behind it. It is about being kind and serene. It is about caring, sharing and remaining fair. It is about the birds and the bees for without whom we shall be no more. It is about love rather than hate. It is about serving our Heavenly Father altruistically and to move on as Time Travellers from one galaxy to another as loyal servants. Life is about living it to the fullest. Materialistic desires always get you into a fiery furnace. It is good to live your life with what your heart desires but to achieve this you first need to receive it honestly rather than dishonestly. This is why I decided to write today wholeheartedly about two expressions and that is Thank you and Appreciation. There is a contrasting difference between them. Thank You is a common gesture by a recipient to a donor such as courtesy by one individual to another. Allowing someone to get onto a bus before you, allowing someone to pass before you and saying thank you when you are being served are common examples. Appreciation on the other hand is a follow-on. The Recipient takes the gesture of the donor and puts it into practice. Showing by example is to follow by example and this is the ideology behind the word appreciation. If you made breakfast for someone you may get a Thank You but what is more effective is when they clear their dishes from the table and wash them or place them into the sink to be washed later on. Saying thank you is not enough we need to follow on with genuine appreciation. When you offer gratitude to our Heavenly Father at night follow on with appreciation by illustrating that you will do your very best to make tomorrow a better day. Offer thanks by all means but learn to follow on with constant appreciation.

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