Wednesday 16 December 2015

Turn Wrongs into Rights

Turn Wrongs into Rights

Quote of the day

‘What is wrong must be put right. You need to tie up any loose ends and fix the open cracks before your world comes tumbling down.’

Welcome to midweek Dear Friends. It is a real pleasure to grace your presence on this Channel of pure Inspiration. We have reached the pivotal point of December. What follows in the next 15 days can change your life for the better or for the worse, regretfully. I always maintain what I say, in other words I do not write something and then change it. What I write to you is something that I will stand by for the rest of my life. If it changes my life then it will reciprocally change yours, and that’s guaranteed.

Previous Quote

‘Nothing will go wrong if you do the right things. Conversely nothing will be right if you do the wrong things.’

I stand by this. If something is wrong, I must first find out what went wrong and then follow this by putting it right. This can be something trivial or something rather crucial. Whatever it is it can have a small or huge impact on your life. When something is not right in your life do you investigate the details of your dilemma? Do you look to investigate or do your look to aggravate? This is important because you obviously would want to put it RIGHT. How? Finding the HOW can be expensive because the market is filled with the wrong innuendos. The answer is simple. It is simple but sequential, in other words don’t put the cart before the horse. To do this effectively we shall use the word RIGHT as an acronym to help us overcome our dilemma or a series of dilemmas, however let us focus on just one dilemma at a time. The word RIGHT stands for Review, Investigate, Gather, Happy and Try. This is how you sequentially get it right. Firstly, you need to Review your problem. In other words, you need to evaluate what went wrong. Are you overdrawn on your credit card? Are you experiencing difficulties in breathing? Do you lack confidence in whatever you do? The next step is to Investigate. Investigation is crucial time-off from your daily agenda. It is time to inspect such as your credit card statements. It is a time to examine your BMI. It is a time to study an area where clarity is needed. It is a time to consider an alternative. Investigation then leads to Gathering like a harvester that gathers crops. Can a farmer gather mediocre products to pass on to the consumer? You reap what you sow. Your input will always equal to your output. You are the results of your actions. In The Modern Day Trilogy, I state openly that ‘I am thee and not of them.’ I am not referring to me but to all of us. In other words, ‘We are thee and not of the them.’ What this means is that the righteous ones will always do the right things. The unrighteous ones will always do the wrongs things. Before you do something you must Review, Investigate and Gather. The next step is the Happy step. Are you Happy to proceed? Are you ready to take on the next second in your life? Remember in the last second you were free, free from harm, free from debt and free from persecution. Are you Happy to take on the next second? You can only be Happy if you Reviewed, Investigated and Gathered the right information. The final step Dear Friends is to Try before you buy or commit. To try something is like having a taster. You see this quite often in Supermarkets. You can try and if you like it you can buy it.  So, even though you did your RIG, (Review, Investigate & Gather) and you are happy to proceed there is no need to commit. This is your right. Have a wonderful midweek, Dear Friends. Keep looking and you will find. Keep smiling and you will eventually laugh. Keep talking and you will gather friendship. Keep fit and you will never quit. Be positive and you will never remember what it is like to be negative. Be contented and you will never be tormented. Be kind and everything in your life will be aligned, refined and more clearly defined. Be generous and you make a tremendous difference. Be warm to people and they will swarm towards you in friendship and harmony. You don’t have to try these things but as for the others things in life give it a try first!

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