Wednesday 30 December 2015

TCP - Target, Condition, Preparation with Prudence.

TCP - Target, Condition, Preparation with Prudence.

Quote of the day

‘To make a New Year work you need an effective and sequential plan of action. In this instance TCP is a preferred method. It is a matter of Targeting problem areas in your life followed by a series of related Conditions. The next stage is the Preparation Cycle which can be difficult but if done with Prudence can turn a New Year into a magical year.’

Welcome to the penultimate day of 2015. Six months ago we started our combined cruise to a more successful life, in two days we shall meet success face on. To me this is one of the greatest adventures in life, preparing for Success and then meeting it face on. One of the gestures that most of us make is valediction. We start by saying farewell to 2015 and then we follow on by saying welcome 2016. All of this is done in a spilt second. Farewell, goodbye, adios, totsiens, Namaste, poittu varen, hamba kakuhle or nasvidenje all imply the same emotions. We feel happiness in a year that brought life to this world and but there is also sadness when life is taken away from this world. We also feel the gladness in whatever we tried to achieve and the gratefulness of our survival through the good times and the bad times. Bad weather created discomfort for many in 2015. War created devastation on a mammoth scale and how sad it was to see woman and children homeless and destitute. Animal cruelty is common like always and human abuse is rife. Goodbyes can become emotional when an old year fades away and so are greetings when the New Year appears along the horizon of hope. Are you still heavily laden with previous emotions carried over from years of trials and tribulations? Are your emotions saddle strapped to common ailments, crippling payments, usurious statements, mass unemployment, personal attachments or curtailments? In that split second when an Old Year is eclipsed by a New Year you could choose to carry your emotions with you or you could choose to overcome them. To change them effectively and profitably you need to Target the areas of your dilemmas. You cannot leave no stone unturned. Targeting is about directing your energies to the problem at hand. You could do it alone or you could do it as a team. Always remember that teamwork makes dreams work, they really do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Once you direct or target your problem areas you need to stipulate Conditions. If you are riddled in debt, then you need to Condition yourself. You need to cut by asking what. To create a shift in 2016 you need to cut down on expenses that are irrelevant. This is where the what comes into play. What do I really need and what can I eliminate from my expenses? This is a personal quest that you have to discover. Your pain and sufferings will help you to unravel the skeletons from the closet. Money is something you can generate, sometimes you may have to be reminded of that. If you are in debt it is definitely not the end of the world for you. Debt is not really a problem but it requires a Conditional approach to eliminate or eradicate it. This procedure is the same for any problem. What follows is the arduous task of Preparation. Preparation is your groundwork. What is your strategy? What are your weaknesses and your strengths? What can you do? What help can you get? Most Human Beings are humane and will always come forward to help because they know well that when they had a previous problem help was always there. Nothing is impossible but with Prudence you can shift everything in your favour. A colleague once told me that he was once riddled with debts totally over £25K. He used the TCP approach and in two years he became debt free. He knew that he had time on his side and he knew that he wanted to see a change in his life. He has a happy approach to life now and although he is emotional about saying farewell to an old year he is equally emotional to meet a New Year with courage. You can do it. You just need a similar level of courage. Always keep a record of potent words that I have used in the past. Use these words as psychological tools to combat difficulties in your life.  Print off pertinent articles that I wrote in the past and more importantly try to read The Modern Day Trilogy, which was and still is my personal blueprint to success. There are over 1700 articles for you to read and this is growing by the week. Somewhere in the archives of Universally Friendly there will be a nest of solutions for you to grasp and take action thereafter. Every problem is different but every solution remains the same. With love and best wishes to all of you from the bottom of my heart. Your future is as important as mine. Good luck in all your endeavours in 2016.

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