Tuesday 29 December 2015

The Earth Walker

The Earth Walker - Waking up from a dream and pursuing it

Quote of the day

‘Dreams are reveries to be contemplated on. If it feels good, then I suggest getting up from bed and pursuing them. The climax could be one of many. Dreams are like aero bubbles transporting you onto the meridian of your wildest fantasies. Those fantasies if pursued can turn into reality.’

A very, very warm welcome to you from me, Anthony Pan seated here in front of a new day in good old London Town. When I wake up from a dream, I contemplate on that epic vision filled with strong aspirations and ask why did I dream about it. Dreams are created by your own personal footage that you have captured over a lifetime. Depending on how you feel when you retire your mind creates subtle dreams for you to consider. If a dream brings peace to my heart, I then consider the next stage and that is pursuance. Yes, pursuance is the name of the game and the path of The Earth Walker. The Earth Walker is an individual that walks the Earth without fear but with footsteps that never tramples the undergrowth beneath. Dreams may appear as fairy tales, seasonal stories, melodic tunes or about dancing birds but you must always remember you created them. Something that you saw and liked was captured in high definition by the intricacy of your brain. I always make a habit of capturing good footage and to maintain a vibrant spirit, as a result my dreams becomes something epic. This is why when I wake up from a dream, I contemplate my epic footage to see if my subconscious mind is trying to tell me something. Sometimes my dreams remind me of my uniqueness and my inner and outer beauty especially when someone ridicules me. My dream often incites me to continue believing in myself rather than the judgement passed onto me by someone else. There is always a missing link in our passage in life and time. Dreams creates those missing links, once found you need to pursue. You need to become The Earth Walker, to be able to see the light again, to visit serene places and to have an amazing life. The Earth Walker has no limitations, to him or her the skies are endless and the pools are saturated with freshness. The Earth Walker is touched by the gentle breeze and enlightened by the greenery. The Earth Walker feels forever young, travelling beyond his or her dreams. Once you reached the status of an Earth Walker you need to take action. You need to become as busy as the bee, you need to stand at the summit of your hopes and dreams and fulfil them by the second. As the proclaimed Earth Walker you are responsible for the Earth, to establish inner peace and outer peace. You need to feel the Earth from coast to coast and touch nature with gentleness and understanding. Don’t pursue a dream without a thorough preview. Focus on what you dreamt and if it is pleasing to your senses, pursue it. Dear Friends, you can reach the climax of your incredible success but you need to believe in yourself. Tomorrow I shall talk about the action process. The action process is sequential but effective. My article tomorrow is called – TCP, Target, Condition, Preparation with Prudence.

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