Tuesday 8 December 2015



Quote of the day

Happiness Always Provides Pleasure In Nearly Every Sad Situation.

Bonus Quote

‘Happiness is the greatest pleasure that a human being strives for but what is Happiness all about? Happiness to me is the converse of sadness where melancholy feelings bring shudder to one’s life and progress. Happiness is a blissful feeling overcoming misery and heartache that we are sometimes exposed to. Happiness is delight when one accomplishes a series of tasks. Happiness is enjoyment when one sees merriment at home and joy in their children’s success. Happiness is harmony amongst the living world where smiles are exchanged for frowns and where help is given to overcome hindrance.’

A very hearty and happy welcome to Tuesday, the 8th day of December 2015. It is wonderful to have you on board. As I write this article I feel a sense of happiness as my fingers hit the qwerty keyboard. I feel this level of happiness because I was once given happiness when I sat in a pool of sadness. Sadness takes a firm grip of your life making you feel gloomy, miserable, despondent and sorrowful. I know it well because I experienced it. I experienced tears of sadness rolling down my cheeks where the feeling of hope seems to have been lost and the conduit to survival has been cut off. Sadness makes you weak, vulnerable and exposed. Sadness is the converse of happiness. Many people live with the feelings of sadness daily. They don’t know where their next meal will come from or when freshwater will flow like the tears in their eyes again. Today I wanted to talk about the realm of happiness because it is Christmas. At Christmas we remember to love, to give and to share. Christmas brings joy and happiness to all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. Without happiness there is sadness. At this precise moment Sadness is dripping upon the shoulders of someone like pelting rain carrying with it the crying sound of pain and despair. At this precise moment sadness means the end of the road for young children and women too who remain as refugees. Dear Friends, sadness does exist and because it does we need to exchange it with happiness. Happiness is something that we need to give liberally to others. This is a blessing. Never live to be stubborn. If you need to receive happiness let the world know about it. As you receive you must be prepared to give the same or more. Happiness is a unique blessing. Happiness is clean, happiness is pure, happiness is free and happiness is always from the heart. Happiness dwells in the hills, the mountains, the valleys, the dunes, the seas, the oceans, the clouds and in you. You just need to switch it on like a light switch and watch how it radiates across everything you see, touch or feel. You cannot live a life without happiness but you can certainly live a life without sadness. Make Christmas special not just for you or for them but try to reach out to those that are drenched with sadness.

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