Wednesday 9 December 2015

Time Travellers of 2016

Time Travellers of 2016

Quote of the day

‘Successful Entrepreneurs always travel ahead in time to envisage possibilities amongst probabilities and to calculate impossibilities amongst improbabilities. They know well in advance what they would be doing on the 1st of January through to the 31st of December because they always plan their life with anticipation.’

Welcome to midweek Dear Friends. I hope and pray that you are well and having a vibrant day filled with the zest and the willingness to do your best. I am always full of zest, always aiming to do my best, searching for my ultimate quest and finding time to take a substantial rest. Work, rest and play must be become a daily ritual for all. Today I want to speak about tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes good if we make today good. This is a fact. If you instil goodness into your heart today, then tomorrow goodness shall blossom from every breath that you take. Goodness is the graciousness of the Earth like the Heavens above. A good day should be a diurnal of carefully planned tasks to be executed by the writer of those tasks. A carefully scripted writer is one that writes factual tasks rather than fictional tasks. Factual tasks are based on the writer’s merit to accomplish and fulfil something. A Fictional task is one that the writer assumes that he or she is able to accomplish and fulfil in a given timeframe. A Meritocratic Goal Setter always ensures that the tasks that they write down in their memorandum are doable. They have a plan, a well-orchestrated plan. They plan in advance and are not willing to take chances. They are also careful coordinators of their finances. Finances can become one’s worst enemy. We should take control of our finances rather than for our finances to take control of us. Successful Entrepreneurs are planners of their destiny and look at a New Year as 365 days of activity without an ounce of passivity. They don’t wonder aimlessly into the corridors of the world. They are Time Travellers that know their chartered course in advance. They start off with a series of golden goals to be executed in a realistic timeframe. They do not fantasise. They revise, advise and devise. They revise what they are capable of before doing something. This revision process makes them realise the scope of their work content and general aim to please and rather than tease. They advise themselves through proper counselling and follow instructions that worked for others before. They then devise a methodological plan consisting of doable tasks executed in a daily fashion with the zest to complete at an all-time best. Dear Friends, are you going to become a Time Traveller of tomorrow let alone 2016? This is a crucial question. To make 2016 a success you need to plan in advance. They are possibilities in life waiting for you nestled in a bed of probabilities. They are impossibilities too nestled in a bed of improbabilities. This is something we need to classify before we can say goodbye to 2015. Saying goodbye is harder, saying hello is a lot easier. What happens between a goodbye and a hello can make all the difference? A successful year starts on the 1st of January and ends gallantly at the end of December. The sandwich of your year is what matters. Think about this for the next 22 days and develop a mind-set to conquer rather than to be conquered. Have an inspiring day. Inspire your passion and desire to make tomorrow a better day. Better days create better years. Better years create a better lifestyle.

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