Saturday 12 December 2015

It’s TIME to READ – Part 1

It’s TIME to READ – Part 1

Quote of the day

‘To READ formulates a four step methodical process that involves Reviewing, Editing, Assessing and Doing. Follow this procedure and you will be fully prepared for the next second of your life.’

Dear Friends, you could work the entire year diligently, honestly and sincerely but all your efforts could amass to nothing. The reason for this is that we do not start off with the right mind-set. We live to work at the mind-set of someone else. As a result, most of us live for the day whilst others have a blurred vision of their future.  As Time Travellers of 2016 let us assume that today is the 1st of January and that at the end of the year you will want to do an evaluation of your credentials, a calculation of your finances and a cultivation of your overall happiness. Lucky ones will probably say that they did well, amassing tidy sums on buying and selling shares. Some may invest in profit and could show a significant profit within a year. Others may rise above the rest through promotions and positive emotions. To some success does comes on a silver platter, to others it does not come at all. Why is this? Do you want to drift into 2016 without a defined plan and place your life on a stroke of luck? GOD is good and would not allow human beings to suffer. The Universe is opulent and will endow you with all your unselfish requests. To make a positive evaluation of your credentials, a calculation of your finances and a cultivation of your overall happiness you need to start off with a strong plan. This comes from a simple four letter word and that is to READ. Reading to make a difference in your life is something that requires a certain level of skill. Sadly, we are all very forgetful and reading something that inspires us creates a momentary stimulation but then fizzles away. This is of very little value. It is like looking at a car and imagining how you will drive it. Until you take action your thoughts will soon fizzle away. Reading my articles especially the ones pertinent to your needs should be handled in the following methodical way. Start by reading an article pertinent to your needs. Your needs must be something that can make a difference to your life in 2016. We spoke about this in great detail previously. It is all about capturing, dreaming and then committing to a series of reachable goals. Once READ you then need to Review. To do this effectively highlight keywords that will help to change the way you feel. Happiness, Laughter, Love, Wealth, Good Health, Prosperity, Investments, Holidays, Opulence, Riches, Spirituality, Life, Friendship, Families, Friends, Career Opportunities and Children are some examples of possible keywords. There are numerous others, only you will know exactly what meets your needs. What follows next is the ability to edit. Editing takes keywords and puts them in a sequential list. Such a list could be a list of golden goals. Such a list could be your agenda for the week, the month or the year. Once edited you then need to assess. Assessment is about valuation and calculation of your written agenda. Can it be done? More importantly can it be done in a realistic timeframe. Many of us are not realistic because we commit without assessing. The final step is to Do. Doing relates to doing something with the attached responsibility.  You cannot possibly execute something without understanding the responsibilities that goes with it. A Meritocratic Goal Setter values time. They use their Time profitably. 2016 is an important time in their lives. Don’t forget to READ, it is not too late to start.

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