Saturday 19 December 2015



Quote of the day

‘Positivity is the ability of an Individual to keep the mind, body and soul above a certain threshold, that threshold is determined by their own merits. If your threshold is 5 on a scale of 0 to 10, then anything above 5 is a life of sheer Happiness. Anything below 5 is something to be concerned about.’

A welcoming start to the penultimate weekend before the end of the year. Next week is the highly celebrated festive weekend, a bumper treat for all and a long weekend for many. A special thank you for all the people that work behind the scenes to make the Christmas weekend a merry and joyous affair. For this I am extremely grateful. I hope that your plans for a Merry Christmas is in place. It is a grand affair and you should be part of it. What is your Christmas Menu going to be? Is it going to be traditional or are you going to change it? Is it a roast turkey with all the trimmings? How do you prepare a succulent roast? Do you need help? If you do, I will dedicate a special article on Christmas Menus complete with recipes and tips. Just let me know. Credit has to be given to my wife who is the celebrated chef having appeared on radio, cookery schools and as a chef for President Mandela as well. A slight twist to your Menu from her may make all the difference. Today I want to talk about positivity, a substance of genuine energy needed to keep you gliding through the corridors of 2016.  2016 has 365 days like the years that have gone by. Will you take these vital 365 days and filled them with genuine happiness or are you willing to settle for less? I believe that we are all entitled to 365 days of sheer Happiness. However, it is something that you need to understand and prepare for. To achieve such a phenomenal content to your year you need to build confidence in you with an energy stream called positivity. Positivity is a strong source of energy available to all and not just for a selected few. Positivity gives you energy that you never knew that you had. It is vibrant, fill of vitality and the élan to make you happy for life. Without positivity you cannot meet the demands of modern day living. Positivity gives you the edge. Positivity enhances your Happiness. The more positive you are the happier you shall become. This is a fact and you can prove it. Positivity and Happiness are like two peas in a pod. They are similar and they give you the similar feelings. Positivity is energy and so is Happiness. Positivity is a dynamic quality in an individual. Happiness is the result of this. As you strive to seek Happiness your positivity is growing. As your positivity grows your Happiness accumulates. Positivity is more like energetic action. It has the power to make you do things. Happiness is the power to experience and enjoy life under an umbrella of a stress-free and a carefree life. To achieve this cheery lifestyle, you first need to be positive, and as you build up your positivity your energy levels change. To draw an analogy let us look at what happens when you turn on the ignition in a car. Like a car we all have energy reserves stored in our body like fuel in a tank. However, that fuel or energy has no effect until we combust it. In other words, in prescribed measures we need to ignite fuel with air to create a measured combustion in a cylinder. Positivity is the confidence needed to take energy reserves within you and combust them in a physiochemical process to perform work. These energy reserves are important. Like a car you need the right fuel. Like a body you need the right energy reserves which comes from good foods. Lethargic and apathetic feelings come from poor foods that do you no good. This is the opposite of positivity. It’s called negativity. Many a car will sit idle on the road or in the service bay until we get it right. The procedure is the same all over the world - Service, Tune and Top-up. Likewise, we need to do the same.  Service, Tune and Top-Up. Service, Tune and Top-Up is an article on its own and will follow in a few days. Once the car is roadworthy the car goes at your command. Once you achieve your tasks for the day you actually create an inner joy called Happiness. This is the Two peas in a POD that I am referring to, Positivity and Happiness.  You cannot achieve Happiness without Positivity and neither can you be Positive without wanting Happiness. I wish you a positive and happy weekend. Carry the strength and the dynamism of positivity in your heart and watch how your happiness grows and grows like a tree that will never stop growing until you chop it down and burn it in a fiery furnace.

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