Tuesday 15 December 2015



Quote of the day

‘Hiring Happiness for the day ensures Eternal Happiness.’

Bonus Quote

‘Eternity is limitless. It is a never-ending saga of individuality in a journey of life from one point to another, from one place to another and from one time to another.’

Additional Quote


A very pleasant welcome to you and many thanks once again for finding the time to log onto Inspirational Galleries. Today, at the pivotal point of December 2015 I would like to talk about an important word and that is Eternity. In other words, where do we go to when our job is done here on planet Earth? Where do we begin in a Universe so vast and so opulent with employment opportunities for all? Dear Friends, today we are talking about our life beyond 100 years on Earth. We are talking about our individuality and how we shall express it over a lifetime of opportunities. Today I maybe a carpenter creating a product or a service to someone. Tomorrow I may retire and unwind my clock to slow things down. In the years gone by I might have been a Centurion in the Roman Empire fighting a battle without a clearer understanding of my actions. In 2050 I maybe living in another galaxy under a different vestment of employment perhaps as a singer amongst melody makers. This is a journey of Individuality living in time segments across the vastness of The Universe. As I accrue good deeds on Earth I am rewarded with a better resume to start all over again. Like a stream of digital data my records are whizzed across galaxies waiting to be filled at the right opportunity. When I die, hopefully at the rightful age of 100 I shall inherit the bounty of my good deeds in a heavenly celebration. Dear Friends this is the journey of an Individual. A journey that begins with a vacancy and a journey that ends with a vacancy. It is an eternal journey with limitless opportunities. It is Time Travel of an incredible magnitude, a life that is filled with the pleasure of experiencing it. It is limitless because Time becomes limitless. What you input into your daily deeds will determine your ultimate radiance. Yesterday I spoke about buying Happiness for the day or Happiness Preservation. This is actually the building blocks for Eternal Radiance. As you seek Inspiration you should liberally give it back to others that wander aimlessly without a cause. Why? Because Inspiration is never-ending. It is the stimulus that triggers you to live, to survive and to move on. Every single day has its own episodes of discomfort and comfort, of calmness and agitation and of death and life. We need Never-ending Inspiration to interconnect missing links otherwise we would fall to pieces. Dear Friends, give generously because there are those that need you as much as you once needed them. Don’t go to bed tonight knowing that you could have done more. Take up every second of your day in managed strides and do your very best. Focus on your life. Be youthful, be truthful, remain beautiful, be cheerful, become skilful and always be thankful and hopeful. Don’t fall into the common pit and become ungrateful, unhelpful, distasteful, horrible, stressful and ultimately unsuccessful. Bring out the youth in you. Care for yourself. Eat accordingly and exercise appropriately. I wish you an eternal life filled with radiance, youthfulness and the passion and desire to do good amongst your fellow citizens. With love from your eternal friend – Anthony Pan

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