Monday 28 December 2015

Getting prepared for a New beginning in 2016

Getting prepared for a New beginning in 2016

Quote of the day

‘Like an astronaut you need to prepare rather than despair. You need to aware rather than be elsewhere. To do this effectively I suggest a procedure called IMAGING. IMAGING is Inspiration, Motivation, and Action Guarantees Instantaneous New Goals.’

Inspiration is what we need to take like fuel to a rocket. We need to take this daily to ensure proper lift off. Motivation is the cockpit of our craft, indicating, directing and observing as we propel forward into a life of new and old responsibilities. Your journey in 2016 is about to begin but it will never end. I am here to guide you each day and offer bespoke inspirational material to guide you even further. Universally Friendly is a Family of Friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. This is your inspirational prescription. Become a Universal Friend today and enjoy a life that is so different to before, this is your motivation. The world is your oyster and the pearl is your treasure. In the valley of the forest, in the dunes of the desert, along the beds of the ocean floor, in caves of stalactites and stalagmites, in the diminishing depths of the ionosphere, in the fertility of new planets and in the dormancy of older planets life is enriched according to nature's decree. Live your life in the richness of fondness and in the magnitude of acceptance. This is how you prepare for a New Year rather than live in despair like before. You need to walk the plains of your daily grind with acknowledgement of accomplishment, fulfilment and desire. The essence of Universally Friendly is to make you aware of your circumstances rather than be elsewhere and ignore your daily responsibilities. We are still pupils even though we graduated from school. Responsibilities are like our school homework. Can you go to school the next day without completing your homework.  You need to take action once you receive your daily inspiration. You need to be motivated like him, her and all of them. Where do we start with so much to ingest? How do we start a New Year if we are already riddled in debt? Which way do we go if we are only drawn to the same repetitive chore each day? Dear Friends, it all starts from a blank canvas. It all starts from the base of your heart where seeds of golden goals are instilled. Golden seeds are really golden because they do not tarnish with the selfish intent of so many that just want to hoard treasures for themselves. Golden goals start when YOU have instilled in your heart want you earnestly want to achieve. Rome indeed, was not built in a day and the plans to create such an empire were calculated and envisaged a lot earlier. So too are your unselfish goals which you would have amassed by now. Not ready, no worries go back and start reading The Modern Day Trilogy word for word again and amass your unselfish goals into a cluster of unselfish actions that will change your life for the common good. If you do not have a copy of The Modern Day Trilogy, no worries follow me daily on a social media of your choice such as: Twitter: to grasp a summarised start to your new life. Whether you read The Modern Day Trilogy or follow me on Twitter or any other form of Social Network it is important to read every word or tweet for they cognate into series of purposeful instructions for you to implement. I say this with great importance, word for word because what I perceived was new knowledge and when I read The Modern Day Trilogy, I read it word for word, in great depth, with relevance and with vigour. These were then just spoken words but results were only achieved when I took action in a moat of unselfish deeds which were made up of good deeds and golden goals. Can you see the pattern? Action only became possible after I took my daily dose of Inspiration followed relentless by Motivation? The right Inspiration and Motivation always will guarantee you to create those golden goals. My Destinations Dairy which started with pen and paper on a blank canvas later became my personal template to create and manage my remaining Time on planet Earth. Such a diary is also available to you for free or if you prefer a hard copy at a substantially reduced price. Yes, Time the temporal transcript of our existence is recorded every second and every day throughout the Creation. Imagine reaching your 90th birthday in good stead, awakening to the rising Sun and looking back in awe to know that you have done well. As you sit in your armchair you start to feel rewarded knowing that you have left behind a legacy of good deeds for others to follow. As you pan the road where you live every flower, shrub, tree or street furnishing has your markings inscribed onto it. You know exactly when the flowers bloom and await the yearly yield at the precise moment, you sit stalwart, robust and staid. You listen to the noises of the children knowing that they are fine, untroubled, focussed and orientated. You listen to the chirping of the birds and understand that their migratory cycle has gone according to schedule. You noticed coloured bins on each lawn, each holding its rightful waste to be recycled. All vehicles are now hybrid, the air is fresher and the early morning gazette is filled with the inscriptions of your worldly deeds. Technology is now our tool and we use it to implement our lives rather than suppress it. How do you make a start? How did you participate to make a change from high levels of crime, pollution and abuse to serenity, equanimity and peace? It all started when you put pen to paper and decided to make an individual change. Yes, it is that individual change that made the overall contribution that you see each morning. How old were you when you started reading The Modern Day Trilogy? Let us assume that you purchased The Modern Day Trilogy when you were 27 years of age, troubled and uncertain of the future. You took action and you started to make an individual change. As you recorded your actions in your Diary you are recording your biography on planet Earth. As each year passes, you conclude your first volume of your life on Earth refining each aspect of worldly existence in the way that suits you. Over the years your archive of voluminous entries is depicted in the exact way you managed your time on Earth. You have turned 63 years of your age on planet Earth with a good cluster of family, friends and acquaintances worldwide. You now have a library of 63 volumes of your life on Earth depicting the traumas you faced and conquered, the happiness you cherished and the memories you created. GOD is pleased in YOU and YOU are pleased with yourself. This is the entry level into 2016.

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