Friday 11 December 2015

‘The difference between Sorry and Retribution.’

‘The difference between Sorry and Retribution.’

Quote of the day

‘It helps to say sorry for the word sorry can diminish the tension of a worry. Retribution on the other hand eliminates a worry and grants an individual the right to move on in the right way, along the right path and towards a righteous future, showing by example and leading by example.’

A divine and hearty welcome to the final day of yet another working week in our life in the year 2015. With just 20 days left to greet a New Year and of course a further 3 weeks of wrapping-up our affairs I think it is an appropriate time to say Sorry. I am very sorry for all the wrongs that I have made in my life but in particular for the wrongs that I made in the year 2015. It takes courage to say sorry especially publically because it is quite embarrassing. 21 years ago I was inspired to start all over again but I still make mistakes, fortunately my mistakes are not as bad as before. Today I say with gallantry that I am sorry and I know that the mistakes that I will make in 2016 will be new ones and lessening ones of course. This is part and parcel of the process of growing up and getting matured both physically and mentally. Dear Friends, it does not hurt to say sorry. Sorry diminishes the tension of a related worry. A worry is about your very own personal lorry of how much of apprehension, anxiety and fear it can hold. We all are laden with different levels of worries. No matter what your worries are or how deep they really are it can be unloaded. Sometimes it is not hard to seek assistance. Professional assistance can lessen the burden that you carry with you daily. When I look at a New Year I look at ways of reducing my laden. I look at the mistakes I made of concurrent affairs rather than memories of yesteryear. Concurrent affairs are fresh. Memories of yesterday are often a blur and can only be remembered with inaccuracies. I am concerned about the mistakes I made in 2015 and more importantly I want to say sorry openly for them. Sorry acknowledges the mistake but it is not entirely effective. We need to follow on with the action of Retribution. Yesterday we spoke about following on a gesture of Thank You with the action of Appreciation and if applied as described creates the prefect results. Similarly, today I want to drive home the message that a spoken word of sorry MUST be followed on by an action of Retribution. What does the word Retribution mean? The word retribution has many meanings. However, in our inspirational context for today we are using the word Retribution to mean self-punishment for the mistake that you incurred. Let us look at several examples. You accidently broke an expensive vase and said sorry. Retribution on the other follows on by making you to clean up thoroughly ensuring all shattered pieces are vacuumed. You then offer to replace it. Sometimes this may be hard, especially if the shattered vase is expensive or irreplaceable. However what matters is that you followed the right protocol. You said sorry and followed on with Retribution. Retribution is very effective when it comes from your heart. Your gesture is then complete. In others words you looked to compensate after saying sorry. You felt sorry and offered to compensate. The lesson learnt is that in the future you will be more careful even though it can be quite an expensive mistake. People will respect you for your decency and your noted gallantry. They will also remember you for your noted decency and your noted gallantry. When you meet an accident such as a collision with another vehicle do you say sorry are you prepared to follow on with Retribution. Most people try to evade what really happened to prevent accepting liability. The correct procedure is to say sorry and follow on with retribution. You should ask if you could help, you should find out if there are any injuries. If so reach for your mobile and call for assistance. If it is your mistake accept it and learn from it. Try to remain calm, polite and apologetic. Although your insurance will settle the claim be prepared to have your no-claim bonus altered. May I wish you a pleasant Friday and as you wrap up your affairs for the week ending on the 11th of December 2015, think about your weekend. Use it profitably. Try to tie any loose ends and try to start fresh in the New Year. If there is an underlying problem, let us work together to resolve it. Help is always available you just need to let someone know.

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