Sunday 6 December 2015

Perfect Brainstorms

Perfect Brainstorms

Quote of the day

‘Knowing when a perfect brainstorm occurs is the time for you to act. The noted creativeness and aberrations will come to you in a unique way. When you see them you must act immediately.’

A very pleasant and embracing welcome to a very serene Sunday from me, Anthony Pan seated here in my favourite recliner creating the footsteps of my day. What makes a day or a lifetime of opportunities lies in the way we think. Over the weeks in 2015 we spoke about capturing ideas right in front of our very eyes and we spoke about building on those ideas. As we sleep our mind gets to work and creates those wonderful aspirations of possibilities and probabilities.  If you go to bed with the right mind-set your dreams will reveal your future in an aura of splendour and grandeur. This is how passion and desire builds up within you and then unleashes itself in what I would call a perfect brainstorm. The more relevant material that you capture the stronger are your dreams. As you build on your passion and your desire in a particular field you will initiate a massive breakthrough that comes upon you a unique way.  This is where you need to act and you need to act with full positivity and with zero negativity. This breakthrough comes to you like an explosion or intense magnitude that can light up the darkness in the most unusual way. This is why they are called brainstorms because they resonate or manifest into magical moments. I go one step further and called them Perfect Brainstorms because they consist of noted creativeness and aberrations that come to you in a unique way. To every individual alive these magical characteristics appear in a different way. The above video highlights these magical moments. As you can see brainstorms originate from capturing relevant material in various ways previously discussed. The mind then works on the editing process and creates the perfect vision of your future. You create it and then you dream, like a scriptwriter that builds the final movie. If you like it your passion and desire will then take over. History then changes and how you then see the future becomes the future. Positive capturing always yields positive results. Creativity is an individual assessment. It is where your heart creates the strongest sensations to light up your world. Don’t forget if you are a new follower or a new reader to my numerous archive of inspirational content go back to previous articles in either my blogs or websites and start capturing the right images to make your life become filled with limitless opportunities.

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