Monday 14 December 2015

Hire Happiness for a day

Hire Happiness for a day

Quote of the day

‘Happiness Preservation is a daily process that requires looking after with the seriousness it deserves. It is often easier to build on happiness on a daily basis rather than look at it over a lifetime.’

Welcome to 1st working day of a new working week in December 2015. I wish you a successful working week wherever you are in the world. Today I want to talk about hiring Happiness for the day and in doing so I want you to experience it, enjoy it and grow into it. The reason for this impressive article is because happiness impresses. Happiness is indeed an impressive tool. It excites you to be alive. It influences how popular your day becomes. It amazes your senses and keeps you joyful and merry. When we look at the broader context of happiness as a long term goal it becomes harder to achieve. The reason for this is that happiness can be taken away from you without notification. People do not hesitate in snatching happiness right from under your noses. People can be ruthless. In doing so, suddenly tomorrow and the day after becomes sad and even sadder as the week draws to an end. Hiring Happiness or Happiness Preservation is a better approach to your life as a whole. To achieve this, you need to invest in it. How do you hire a car for the day? It is not your car but yet you get the same experiences in it as if it were your very own car. Happiness is like that especially for someone who is rather sad. A sad person will often say I only wish I could be as happy as other people. Investing in Happiness for the day is like hiring a car. I was once standing in front of a famous zoo and my children asked can they go in and I hesitated because I knew that I did not have enough money. I knew I had enough money to meet tomorrow’s expenses, therefore going the zoo was out of the question. When I saw the saddened faces of my children I decided to hire happiness for the day. I put aside my troubles for tomorrow and I invested my money in Happiness for that particular day, a day at the zoo. My investment bought memories of tomorrow. It excited everyone including my wife and I. It had a huge influence on my day and turned my future around. I hired a day of merriment and joyfulness that created endless fun. We still talk about it, we still laugh about it and we will continue to do it. I exchanged sadness for happiness lasting for the day. It created a building block for future happy adventures in life. I always call this process Happiness Preservation. Thank you for your time in reading this impressive article today, I wish you a lifetime of happy memories. Don’t hesitate to invest in Happiness for the day. Your time spent will be money spent equally well. Your happiness for today will create the energy needed to make tomorrow a new adventure.

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