Sunday 13 December 2015

It’s TIME to READ Part 2

It’s TIME to READ Part 2

Quote of the day

‘One of the key components to READ is doing a thorough Research, Evaluation and Assessment of your Dreams. Dreams maketh a man or woman. From their visions comes forth their success.'

Bonus Quote

‘What makes tomorrow exciting is how we act and dream today. What makes our future is how we turns dreams into reality.’

Dear Friends, having a vision of your life in the future creates the ultimate decision between right and wrong. A dream or a vision done with careful revision can lead to a life of perfect precision. Can you imagine waking up tomorrow knowing that you are safe, sound and secure? Safeness is living a life that is free from harm. No human being alive should feel intimidated in anyway. Soundness is the ability to maintain good health from head to toe. A person that is robust in character, aptitude and attitude is the one that trusts in Almighty GOD. Security is about purity in oneself. It is about the ability to seek maturity from learning and the surety to act with confidence thereafter. How about extending your imagination to the year 2016 and to know with safeness, soundness and security that your life will be blissful. A blissful life is a life that is wonderful, perfect to the core, joyful amongst companions and delightful to live. Dear Friends, you can achieve all of these fine attributes, but first you need to dream it. Why do we need to dream it first? We need to dream it first because we need to realise the ramifications of our dreams. Can our dreams benefit us and can it benefit the planet as a whole? This realisation can make you take on a dream. Realisation comes from Researching, Evaluating and Assessing your dreams. A thorough research of your dream in question enables you to investigate the pros and cons of your newly founded venture. Opening a Franchise Restaurant in 2016 may not be as lucrative as it seems but by researching you can get a feel of becoming a franchisee. Evaluation is a follow on from Researching. Evaluation is about money and how you will fund your project and what profits can you achieve over the years. Assessment is about your consideration for others and for the planet as a whole. The above video depicts NASA’s dreams to conquer space, it also includes how NASA’s projects have benefited the public at large. Can you provide jobs, products, services or mentoring to potential clients, employees, friends or even families? Can you become a fair employer? This is the need to READ. Always READ before you can plant a seed. Learn to kneed before you can make bread. Discover your need before you can speed into something. Always learn to feed your mind with inspiration and your body with restoration. Don’t fall victim to greed, don’t cede to temptation. Don’t shed a tear unless it is a tear of joy.

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