Saturday 26 December 2015

Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Quote of the Day

‘Boxing Day is a day that I box up all my troubles into labelled boxes and place them onto a shelf marked strictly for my attention. Doing this helps me to reduce any tension created during 2015 and it helps me to create an anticipated intention for 2016 through full intervention and comprehension.’

A very good morning to you Dear Friends. Welcome to Boxing Day, the day after Christmas Day. Although the traditional sense of Boxing Day is noted I look upon it as a day of reckoning. I look at the advent of a New Year around the corner and weigh my situation. Am I in all sorts of problems and if so what are they? Living with the same problems for a long time makes us sometimes ignore them and therefore allow them to grow and grow and take over our senses. To overcome this what I normally do is weigh up my existing problems accrued over the last 360 days and look to resolve them with the seriousness that it deserves. I gather boxes from my Christmas presents and label them with my problems irrespective of what they are. We all know that problems come in all shapes and sizes therefore we need to look at them constructively, equally and methodically. If I have a credit card debt I need to create a box labelled ‘Credit Card Debts’. I then gather all my statements including my annual statement and put them into this box. If I have problems with my car I create a box labelled ‘Car Problems’. In this box I include my MOT certificate, servicing date and trade-in value and any other problems related to my car during 2015. Last year I had a total of 10 boxes pertaining to problems that I accrued during 2014. Once placed on a shelf that is visible on a daily basis I am immediately aroused to be either tackled or shackled. The tackling process enables me to challenge my problem. I see it in front of me for the next 5 days and I am aroused to resolve my problems. There are two obvious choices for me. I can ignore the problem or I can explore the problem. Ignoring the problems leads to the inevitable and that is an accumulation of my troubles into 2016. Exploring the problem on the other hand enables me to take action or seek assistance. If the roof is leaking the scope of the repair is obviously beyond me therefore I need professional assistance. The shackling process is the converse. The shackling process makes me become handcuffed to my problem for the next 365 days or more. I ignore it although I am aware of it and let it take its course. This can lead to nowhere. Interest rates on credit and store cards for example are quite overwhelming. I could spend years trying to clear my debt and still owe the capital amount. I must look to resolve and then later absolve. This is something I urge you to consider as well. Don’t leave problems dangling in the air. Take a firm grip on them. To every problem there is a solution. Place each problem into a box and label them. Into each box put every vital information pertaining to your problem into it and then close and place on a shelf. Let the label of the box face you. Look at your problems daily for the next 5 days and create the urge to get them resolved.  Don’t carry unresolved problems into 2016. 2015 will soon be over so please deal with issues related to 2015 immediately. If it is a problem, it may take time to resolve but you need to initiate an action plan. Make all your action plans doable. If you need help find it. Help is always there. Some problems require professional assistance whilst other problems could be done at home with your spouse or partner. Do it, don’t lose it. Do it, don’t let it accrue. Do it, redo it and then renew it. Do it to pursue it. Make 2016 count. Have a wonderful Boxing Day and remember to box up all your troubles on the double, clearly labelled and clearly visible.

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