Thursday 3 December 2015

Exercise – Apply, Supply and Comply

Exercise – Apply, Supply and Comply

Quote of the day

‘To apply yourself you need to supply yourself, firstly with the right nutrients and secondly with the right exercise routine. Dieting Incites Everyone To Ingest Nutritious Gastronomy. Exercise or Callisthenics on the other hand is an individual workout designed to suit the Meritocratic Goal Setter. To succeed in life always remember to Apply, Supply and then Comply.

Dear Friends, thank you for reading my article today called Exercise. It is about the need to exercise on a daily basis and to do this effectively we need to Apply, Supply and Comply. We need to perform work daily and to do this effectively we need the perfect body, atoned to the perfect tone. We need muscles supplied with blood vessels packed with the right nutrients and energy release substances. Our DIET is critical to our overall wellbeing but the Science to a real workout called Callisthenics is something we need to look deeply into. There are various forms of exercise which we could participate in depending on our abilities. There is yoga and Pilates, there is walking, running and cycling, there is swimming, fishing and snorkelling, there is skiing, sightseeing and surfing, there is karate, judo and kickboxing and there is tennis, table tennis and badminton to name but a few. The need to exercise is a vital part of your daily routine. You need to look after your body from head to toe and from cell to cell. We have our limits. We need to rest when we tire. We need to eat when we are hungry. All of these concepts involves three simple rules: Apply, Supply and Comply. Can a car travel indefinitely without top-ups and servicing? Can a cheetah go beyond 500m in short burst of speeds up to 120km/h? Dear Friends we are meritocratic individuals striving to succeed in life but to accomplish this we need a well-balanced body and mind. Yesterday we spoke about the correct way to eat. Today we want to talk about the correct way to train using a segment of knowledge called Callisthenics. Dear Friends, without the right knowledge we cannot execute the right action. Try opening a door with the wrong key. Try walking on Mount Everest without an oxygen tank. Everything in life is about exploring the known before we can venture into the unknown. My advice to a successful life is to apply, supply and comply. You need to apply the right knowledge to any given situation. Finding the right choice can be a daunting task. Nevertheless it is there, once found you need to supply yourself with the right nutrients and the right apparatus to exercise with. Trainers for running, paddles for rowing, gloves for grasping, helmets for cycling, water for reviving or padding for protection. You also need to comply with the rules of the game or sport. Always remember SPORT stands for Successful People Outdo Regular Training. It is true. Successful people always participate in special forms of regular training. They always engage in SPORT with the right SUPPORT. The above video depicts various forms of SPORT, it is your choice but always remember do it with Passion and Desire. Don’t start something and later give up on it. Make it an everlasting affair.

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