Friday 4 December 2015



Quote of the day

‘To reach the full duration of your life you need to aim for the PALMER award. I call it The PALMER award because it holds a cluster of six motivational words and if used regularly will prolong your life, your happiness, your fortitude and your magnitude.’ These words are Positivity, Absorptivity, Locomotivity, Motivity, Exclusivity and Resistivity.’

A graceful welcome to the end of your working week. I hope and pray that you had an accomplished and fulfilling week. The world is your oyster and your treasure is the pearl, are you ready to take charge of it? If you are ready to take charge, then you need to live the full duration of your life. Yes, you need to go the full round. To set the temperament right I want to talk about your right to live the full duration of your life and to urge you to reach out for The PALMER award. The PALMER award is the most prestigious accolade that can ever be bestowed upon you. It is an award merited for your efforts along a long road of endurance, tolerance and sacrifice. It is an award that takes into account all your efforts to do good amongst all in the living world where generations of people will follow. It is an award that takes into account all the good deeds that you have performed no matter how small or no matter how big they really were. How do you reach 100 years of age in a world that suppresses you, depresses you, oppresses you and compresses you? You reach the age of a centennial by polarising the suppression, the depression, the oppression and compression. To do this you need to employ psychological tools such as effective words that make all the difference. How about Positivity, Absorptivity, Locomotivity, Motivity, Exclusivity and Resistivity? Positivity makes you feel optimistic when things go wrong and makes you change your circumstances in order to fit into a different circumstance. Absorptivity is the ability to absorb knowledge through learning and developing the skill to turn it into wisdom. This is a slow process but patience always pays dividends. Locomotivity is about ensuring that you are able to transfer energy when needed. It is about storing good potential energy and converting it into better kinetic energy. Motivity is the constant ability to keep you on your toes and to get the job done even when there are obstacles in front of you. Exclusivity is about your individuality. It is the power to be unique. Uniqueness is the power to create symphonies of personal sonatas, cantatas, regattas, operas and sagas. Uniqueness is the power to conserve open plains like the savannah, the Montana and the Americana. Uniqueness is the power to restore your youthfulness, to exhibit your usefulness and to openly display your truthfulness. Resistivity is the ability to resist temptation and the will to say no to the negatives in life. Dear Friends, you have power at your fingertips. Just press the right buttons and watch how your pistons shall move up and down. I wish you a wonderful weekend, the 1st weekend of December 2015. Let it be the start of a series of better weekends to come.

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