Sunday 20 December 2015

Use The Creation to be Creative

The Creation

Quote of the day

‘Use The Creation to create a New Year for you, flamboyant in appearance, buoyant in your attitude, clairvoyant to a new day, vibrant with passion and desire, poignant to life’s tragedies and compliant to rules and regulations.’

Welcome to the last Sunday before Christmas. Before you know it Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be all over. A segment of importance in your life will be gone forever holding only memories that could be ideally good or regretfully bad. Therefore, I urge you to appreciate every single day of your life and enjoy it to the fullest. I want you to create memories that last for a lifetime. A memorial day a year is good such as Christmas Day but 365 days of fond memories is even better. Today I want to talk about The Creation and how you can use The Creation to create a better year for you in 2016. Planets orbit in precision, our Sun a luminous celestial body keeps to its promise, stars glitter and plants and animals work laboriously daily. From this you can see an obvious source of Inspiration which our forefather in Adam explored every day and every night. He had a panoramic view of The Universe as he watched in awe and he had the willingness and keenness to learn. Knowledge was something he gained so unselfishly and wisdom was something he passed on so admirably.  Yesterday I said that we should be thankful for the people that work behind the scenes to make the Christmas weekend a merry and joyous affair. Today I want to thank Almighty GOD for making life possible every single day and giving us the inspiration to live and love. Yes, creativity for the New Year comes from above where life has its source. Look above, below and beneath and you will find inspiration. Look above in the distant and you will Divine Engineering at its best.  Look at planets and you are looking at colossal bodies moving at colossal speeds without collision or collusion. Look at the stars as beacons of communications, each star allocated to a particular household. Speak to the heavens above and they will speak back to you. Ask for help and help shall come streaming to you. Be flamboyant in your appearance for you are unique and let your uniqueness capture the attention of everyone in 2016. Be buoyant in your attitude by remaining firm when adversaries come your way or when temptation tries to take control of you. Being a clairvoyant, study patterns and envisage what the next second will be like so at least you will know how to react. Be vibrant in your day, wake up to the sound of chirping birds that whistle a tune of inspiration. Always be poignant to the tragedies that world encounters on a daily basis and look at ways to help, to donate and to offer assistance. Always remain compliant to rules and regulations. If green means go, please continue safely however don’t try to go when the red light is on. Be inspired, and retire at the end of 2016 with the right frame of mind. Let 2017 continue in a similar fashion. Never give up on something that you started with. There is always a reason when something happens. I wish you a wonderful Sunday and as we slowly ebb towards 2016 find Inspiration from The Creation to help you create your golden goals.

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