Monday 7 December 2015

A new day, a new phenomenon

A new day, a new phenomenon

Quote of the day

‘A new day unleashes a new phenomenon. To experience it you need to marvel at the spectacle of life in a rainbow of setting and in an ambience of living. The bird, the bee, the flower, the pollen and the fertilisation is part of a cycle of incredible phenomenon that is occurring daily.’

Dear Friends, what is life without life itself? What is a journey without a chartered course? What is a marriage when there is no passion and desire to build a strong foundation of love, togetherness and happiness. What is education if we cannot seek edification instead of glorification? What is Friendship when we hate, anger and revenge without a valid reason. Without the answers the questions become more complex. As a result, our day becomes unpredictable and we become more vulnerable. Today I want to inspire you to change this. I want to make your tomorrows better and you for you to live a life that is gratifying and satisfying. Welcome to the start of a phenomenal day and the premise of a better working week. It has to get better because you are indeed a Meritocratic Goal Setter. A Meritocratic Goal Setter of whom you are always aims to get better rather than bitter or an eventual quitter. A Meritocratic Goal Setter sees a new day as a new beginning. They look at life as a phenomenon. They know well from what they see that life is a miracle, drenched with the opulence of The Universe. To make your week a better working week than the last one I want to inspire you to think phenomenally.  I want you to believe in yourself and to feel how extraordinary you really are. I want you to marvel at what today holds for you. I want you to believe that you are impressive in your character, outstanding in your performance, astonishing to look at and unbelievable to associate with. This sums up your ultimate persona. Don’t shy from but be it. Let a new day that unleashes a new phenomenon remind you of that. The week can only get better if you constantly believe in yourself rather than allow others to denounce you. Every criticism, accusation, condemnation, subjugation, oppression, depression or intimidation can ruin your day. Suddenly hope turns to grope, love turns to hate, sweetness tastes like bitterness and opportunities become probabilities. The above video called ‘A new day, a new phenomenon’ inspires you to think big, Yes, it is the bigness in you that can change sadness into gladness and madness into kindness. The world paints a morbid picture each day to throw you off course, but I say onto you and verily too, believe in yourself. Yes, take hate and crushed it with love. Take your life and start loving it let alone living it. Take criticism and let it become optimism. Avoid hooliganism, racism, terrorism, alcoholism, negativism and isolationism for they all promote a sad life. Let your day commence with a sense of positivism and let the week become an accomplished one and let us say farewell to December with a sense of joy. Let us say goodbyes to all the things in life that made 2015 miserable and let us brighten 2016 with a host of positive goals. I wish you a wonderful and merry working week and look forward to your presence tomorrow.

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