Saturday 5 December 2015

Overcome Rejection with Injection

Overcome Rejection with Injection

Quote of the day

‘Feeling a sense of Rejection can be quite demoralising. To overcome such a denunciation, you need a CAP injection. A CAP injection is made up of equal portions of Correctional, Affectionate and Protective potions.’

Welcome to your weekend. The 1st one of December and let’s hope it is going to be the one to remember. Sometimes in life we often feel a sense of rejection. Such a feeling can be quite demoralising. I know it so well because it is feeling that makes you stop, shudder and hold back on the tasks at hand. It is a feeling that reduces longevity, it is a feeling that increases your stress levels and it is a feeling that is quite embarrassing. Yesterday we spoke about longevity. We spoke about the passion and the desire to live onto 100 years of age. Such a period in time can be drastically reduced by the feeling of rejection. Today’s article is all about rejection. I hope that you are able to keep relevant articles in a portfolio of your own and to refer to them when trouble strikes. To date there are over 1700 articles and Quotes for your perusal and reference. They are there for your reference. Don’t forget to latch onto potent words too that I often speak about. Take charge of these words and also add them to your portfolio as well. The feeling of Rejection is a serious troubled zone and can slowly destroy anything that you spent years building. You must learn to overcome your Rejection with a CAP Injection. CAP injections are strong antidotes that get to work immediately. They work by cutting of the brashness of criticism, accusation, scolding, condemnation, negativity and denial. A CAP Injection is made up of three equal portions of Correctional, Affectionate and Protective stimulants. Correctional Injection is the process of taking a wrong and making it right. So, if you felt an intense feeling of rejection then ask yourself why. Why did it happened to you and what can you alter or rectify in order to put it right? An Affectionate Injection holds a strong potion of love. Love is ardour. Love infuses passion and desire in your life. Love is about living. It is about living your life to the fullest and loving it as well. Love makes you avoid issues rather than pursue them. So, if you feel rejected, correction will help you to rectify your mistake and love enables you to move on. The final potion is Protection. Protection makes you prepared for your unforeseen adversaries. It gives you the ability to evade rather than invade. It gives you the insight to anticipate and the foresight to get things right. Taking CAP injections works. They have the power to change the circumstances that you placed in. Have a wonderful weekend, you deserve it. Build on those golden goals to make 2016 your year for significant changes to your life. Let us call 2016 a year of acceptance rather than a year of rejection.  

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