Saturday 26 December 2015

The Sound of Sorrow

The Sound of Sorrow

Quote of the day

 ‘Sorrow can be deep and can reach the base of unhappiness. It can be a lonely affair, a period to grieve and mourn and a feeling of sadness that grips your heart. In the spirit of Christmas, I want to tell you that tomorrow can be different if you tried. It can become a period of joy, happiness and delight. You just need to be reminded of what it is to be given an opportunity to be alive.’

Yesterday I was all alone, contemplating my life and my future. I was weak and I was bleak. I was hungry and I was cold. I was sad and I was mad about the way my life panned out. What will I do tomorrow if no one wants to employ me, educate me or teach me a basic skill? What will I eat if I have no money? What will I wear, where would I sleep and how shall I keep warm in winter amidst the cold of the night and under the blustery sound of the day. All I wanted to do now was to fall into a deep sleep and hope for a miracle that might fall upon me during the night. If not, then I shall perish without cause and without reason. I will be soon forgotten and never remembered. Do you sometimes feel like that? These were my feelings over 21 years ago, uttered in the way I exactly felt. However today I am here, 21 years later revived and survived. Suddenly I got up from that deep sleep awakened to the sound of life. I saw birds that morning flying so freely and living so enchantingly happy. They did not seem to worry about what they shall eat or where they shall sleep. They seemed to have an ordained plan and kept to their daily roster. I then saw a spider’s web in front of me and a spider too beside the web, waiting in anticipation. Everything in front of me had a purpose and woke up each day to get on with their daily grind. They were not like me, muttered in my thoughts, uttered in constant hesitation, shuttered from the outside world and cluttered in my daily agenda. It seemed that I had awakened to a miracle for I had seen the wonders of life in front of me, carrying on laboriously right in front of my very eyes whilst I sat brooding. I prayed for a miracle and it came upon me like a glow in the sky. Now it was up to me to react and then act. It was time for me to get up and to have the courage to live. I needed to get a grip on my affairs and to establish what I want to do. If I could establish this, then my tomorrows will no longer be filled with sorrows. I needed to be strong and not wrong.  I knew that I must not give up neither should I lose faith. This was my pledge, my solemn pledge to do well. I have the appendages to respond to these miraculous reactions and I have the time to execute my actions. 21 years ago I was given a chance, 21 years later I am reminding you of that chance to change your life into a more prosperous one. Miracles are happening right in front of you, all the time, you just need to grasp it with good intentions and be satisfied without bad contentions and unnecessary tensions. Christmas brings hope and joy to many. Christmas is a miracle and as we are constantly reminded of the importance of this auspicious day, we need to react and act like the birds and the bees. We really do. Don’t give up on yourself. Unleash the power from within you and turn your life around. You have the time to do just that which is equated to 86,400 seconds a day.

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