Friday 18 December 2015

The Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast

Quote of the day

‘Everything is beautiful including you. Nothing is ugly including the beast. 8.7 million species of life create beauty that tingles with sensation when viewed in awe. We create ugliness that mingles with aggravation in a crowd of 7 billion.’

Welcome to Friday Dear Friends, the last Friday before a heart-warming welcome to Christmas Day when I shall greet you with the greatest joy. Joy is more pronounced when there is beauty. Can there be joy when there is ugliness right in front of you. You can create beauty and you can create ugliness. Beauty will make your life more enriched. Ugliness will switch you to become bewitched. Beauty is loveliness exposed artistically below the seas and above the clouds creating a filling of grandeur and splendour like a fairyland without an ending. Beauty attracts souls from the North Pole in the Artic Region down to the South Pole in the Antarctica Region. Beauty triggers you to create those wonderful goals which I classify as Golden Goals. Beauty is pretty in you, in the flowers that colour the landscape and in the animals that till the crust of the Earth. Beauty is splendour in all its glorification and is a replica of how the Heavens above look. For those that are impatient to see the glory of Heaven we must look into our little Heaven on Earth. Beauty is sheer magnificence, draped in elegance in you, in her, in him, in them and in all 7 billion of wonderful souls that take occupation of our planet. Beauty is grandeur of infinite proportions with a vast colour spectrum and a geometry of incredible shapes and sizes. Beauty is radiance like purple raindrops falling onto the ocean floor behind a radiant Sun that suns to create life. Beauty impresses and therefore has become the matchmaker of generations of people, plants and animals to come. Ugliness does not exist for the beast is often misinterpreted and placed in a cage of confusion, illusion and seclusion. Everything is beautiful from unicellular organisms to multi-organisms that roam the Earth in 2, 4 or more legs. Ugliness is something that we create. The violence around the world is created by us not by the skunk, the lion or the serpent. The cruelty to animals is by our own hands, our total neglect and our brutal selfishness from poachers to cockroaches the world over. The evil that cripples the world is by our own doing for we are always given a choice but are lured to make the wrong choice. Start with a new mind-set to change tomorrow and the day after. Look at beauty in everything especially in yourself. What is ugly is what you created in your mind. You need to change it and create a picture of beauty. Do this constantly and watch how 2016 will start changing for the better in you, in him, in them and for every individual that paces the crust of the planet Earth. I wish you a beautiful day and may you be impressed with the beauty within you and the beauty around you. May you see the glitter in the sky and if there is some litter in front of you please pick it up. May you touch the tenderness of the petal but try and avoid the sting of the nettle. May you not judge someone by their appearance but rather admire them for their forbearance. Anything that is good will always be beautiful therefore look to be good, try to be good and always exercise goodness in your heart.

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