Thursday 17 December 2015

The Awakening

The Awakening

Quote of the day

‘Every day is a new day for me in terms of personal development, growth, recognition and realisation. I call these experiences The Awakening.’

A tumultuous welcome to the 17th day of December 2015. With just 14 days or two weeks away from the birth of a New Year, I feel so invigorated. I hope and pray that you have a similar feeling too because a change in 2016 for the better is something we must strive for. Today I want to talk about the experiences of The Awakening. It is something that we may not be aware of but it is here and we need to recognise it. The Awakening is a daily experience of personal growth and development. It is the entrance into one door that opens with new dimensions and the exit of an old door that closes with discovered dimensions. You cannot tell exactly what will become of tomorrow. Certain things are within your control but the bulk of activities that occurs on our planet is out of your control. The only real measure you can take is to plan and live with great anticipation, we spoke about this previously. What actually happens by the end of tomorrow or another day? We know that we will get old by a day. We know that if we follow a series of well-orchestrated tasks there is a good chance that we will accomplish and fulfil them. There is another thing that happens and that is we become more learned. We become more experienced and more matured.  There is also growth in our hair and in our nails. There is growth in bones too for the young and deterioration of bones in the old. There is cell replication and cell multiplication in every living organism. The physiology of our body changes too but the changes are minute.  Ignorance becomes knowledge and knowledge changes to wisdom. For the wise ones there is realisation. Every day holds a mystique of understanding, Realisation makes sense of it and maturity takes hold of it. This is the direction for you to take. You need to recognise the changes within you and the changes around you. You need to be constantly clean and preen. You need to prune the overgrowth and be immune to the antigrowth. You need to have the yearn to learn, the will to be concern and the spirit to do a good turn. You need to feed the bone that keeps you in tone, you need to learn to be on your own and of course try to stop the moan and the constant groan. You need to start your day with a list and end it with a checklist. Your list must contain manageable tasks and your checklist must contain completed tasks. You must learn to be RIPE each day. RIPE stands for Resistant, Insistent, Persistent and full of Existence. This is the concept of the Awakening. It is the ability to fill your day with enrichment and end it with noted improvement and development. This makes today complete, fulfilled and accomplished. As a sole custodian of your domain you move onto tomorrow with the same mind-set but more matured and more equipped to deal with the adversities of life. Closing the door to one day in your life should open a new door to better opportunities the next day. This makes your life more enriched and filled with the pleasure and joy of serving. To serve is to exist with the right intent. To serve is to be a COP, something we spoke about before. COPs stands for Conserving, Observing and Preserving. Enrich your life with the fondness to expand your knowledge and turn it into wisdom. Pass on your wisdom to others in the most unselfish way. In the sequence of your daily life surmounting to 36,500 days you will notice incredible changes, as you adapt to these changes only then will you see a difference in your life. Let The Awakening be the marvel of your life, your career and your credentials. Let the world see you as the greatest symbol of humanity.

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