Wednesday 23 December 2015

The Richest Person in the world

The Richest Person in the world

Quote of the day

‘Congratulations, for today I award you with the accolade of being the richest person in the world. Your presence on our planet is something that we are grateful for. Your beauty is something that we are inspired by. Your contribution is something that we admire and your love is something we shall always remember you by.’

A festive and cheerful welcome to you, Dear Friends the makers of friendship and the carriers of hope. Today Forbes lists the 50 wealthiest men and women of the world but they forgot to mention you and I. They omitted the value of every underprivileged human being, but placed all over privileged people on top of the Christmas Tree. Today I want to tell you quite openly and verily too that your life is worth more than $79 billion. Your presence has a value that is equivalent to the twinkling of a distant star. Your contributions thus far outweigh the gold in hidden vaults around the world. Your kindness, gentleness and thoughtfulness is admired by our Heavenly Father who awaits to reward you in heaven. Dear Friends, for those of you that are struggling, do not worry for a struggling soul is always a loving soul that touches others with feelings. To overcome your struggle is easy. Oppression was once overcome with progression. Depression was once overcome with impression. Suppression was once overcome with expression. Repression was once overcome with discretion. Dear Friends, for those of you that are homeless I tell you today that tomorrow holds a wonderful light that shines upon you with hope and fortitude. Homelessness can be overcome with wholesomeness. Hopelessness can be overcome by consciousness. Abuse can be crushed with refuse. Violence can be stopped with nonviolence. Hunger can be filled with wonder that will always make you stronger. Divorce can be reversed without force but with a little remorse. War can be mended with constant adore. Poverty can be overturned with glory. Extinction can become a vision of distinction rather than an infliction by destruction. Yes, Dear Friends whatever your pain or sorrow is it can be polarised. For pain makes you achieve the ultimate gain and live a life without strain. Sorrow can make tomorrow grow into a new dimension of happiness and joy. It is up to you to believe in you rather than in them. Dear Friends, I want to hold your hand firmly and tell you that you are indeed the richest person in the world. You are a billionaire at heart and will always be. With such value you can polarise negatives into positives. You can turn sadness into happiness. You have the appendages to create and the mind to actuate. You have the time to climb the ladder of success and the time to enjoy it. You have the access to knowledge and the ability to turn it into wisdom. You have the power to care, share and remain fair. You have the inner strength to turn dreams into reality and the outer strength to make a difference to the world. Fill your Christmas socks with hope and fill your home with the values of life and the beauty of The Creation. Speak to those that need help, and tell them that help is here. Give a little and you will get a lot. Share your values to those that have lost their values. Carry the burden of lost souls for one day they will be there for you. It hurts to feel the rain upon your shoulders but it does not hurt if you are thirsty. Live your bountiful life without hesitation. Don’t count your pennies on Earth for they have no value. Await with patience and receive your pennies from heaven that has the greatest value. Start 2016 with a new vision based on some revision of 2015. What went wrong is what you need to ask. How can you put it right is what you need to do? Don’t walk the plank as a debtor, but walk the Earth as a better person that inherits the will to live and the skill to survive. Greet 2016 with hope. Meet your adversaries with anticipation. Beat the negatives with positives. Treat the meek and weak by being sweet. Unleash the wealth in your heart and give some away to those that have forgotten their role or their soul.  Are you ready to be anointed with the coveted award of the wealthiest individual on our planet? If so, you are then ready to take on 2016 with courage from above. My heartiest wishes to you for a humble end to 2015. Go well, be well, live well and always remember to dream well. Thank you for being here today because I know that you care for yourself.

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