Tuesday 22 December 2015

Golden Goals – Holiday Destinations

Golden Goals – Holiday Destinations

Quote of the day

‘Creating a goal is not limited to writing a word or several words down but rather a laborious process of exploring this word or words to create a viable vision and an agenda to implement it.’

A gracious welcome to the 22nd of December 2015 from rather a wet, windy and cold London Town. How are you today? It is wonderful to grace your presence on our Inspirational Channel. As much as it is your channel it is equally mine. Why? I am human being no different to you. I need Inspiration as well and I experience the same ups and downs in life as you. When something or someone troubles me I search the archives of Universally Friendly and read a pertinent article to help me. In the archives of Universally there are over 1700 Articles, 1700 Quotes, 110 Inspirational Videos, 40 Books and other related material and this is growing by the day. It is a service I provide for my Readers and Friends from all over the world. Trouble sadly looms in the corridors of every town, city or country and like a burst of thunder it can come upon you at any time. What should you do when troubles pounces on you unexpectedly or when old flames follow you into the New Year. You need to access the archives of Universally Friendly and act like a RAT. The RAT Reacts to a problem, then Attracts a solution and finally Transacts a plan of action. This is something you should implement as well. As a RAT I follow a simple process called CITE which works for me. CITE stands for Concentration, Information, Transcription and Education. If something or someone troubles me I stop all my concurrent actions and concentrate on my problem. I Concentrate on my problem and then look for Information pertinent to my problem or query and follow this with a written Transcription. What follows after this is Education. Let us look at an example. I need to go on a holiday in April next year and therefore created a Golden Goal for 2016. The holiday destination is New York. The holiday destination could be different for you or it could be the same. How do I achieve the results that I need? How do I tackle problems of varying magnitudes? I need to Concentrate. I need to think of my problem? In this case where do I want to go to? What is my budget? Will I be travelling alone? How long can I go for? The next step is Information. I have not been to New York before therefore I need to get information about this city. Information gives me text and visuals. Text is written knowledge; vision is moving Inspiration. Briefly I gather that New York is the situated at the mouth of the Hudson River and is the largest city in the USA and is made up of 5 boroughs, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Visuals are important because they are worth more than words. Footage is even better. Gaining such knowledge motivates you. Key attractions of NYC are The Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Central Park, The Empire State Building, the 911 Memorial & the Ground Zero Walking Tour, Museums such as The Whitney Museum of American Art and The American Museum of Natural History. Other attractions include The World Trade Centre, Madison Square Gardens, The Rockefeller Centre and Macy's. What follows next is my Transcription. A brief itinerary of my stay based on my affordability and availability.  The next stage is the learning stage called Education. NYC is a new city for me to explore. In other words, I need to learn the ropes. I need to exercise caution to avoid pickpockets or muggers. I need to learn to live in anticipation and follow the right steps rather than the wrong ones. I am investing my time and my money to have a golden goal come true, I cannot walk into something that will spoil my memories. Using power words will help you achieve your goals, overcome your problems and allow a smoother journey during your transition. In summary whatever your problem is try using the CITE formula by switching New York with your problem. So if your destination is Cape Town switch New York with Cape Town. We will look into the CITE formula and the concept of the RAT in greater detail later on. Don’t forget when trouble looms in the corridors of your life access the archives of Universally Friendly and get your problems resolved.

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