Tuesday, 26 April 2016



Quote of the day

‘Power can best be described as your personal competence to perform a particular workload. It is equated to your individual strength which can vary and it determines how well you perform in any aspect of your life.’

Greetings and salutations to yet another wonderful day in a wonderful month. It may be a tad cold but always remember that your life is as gold, as a marigold. 

Power in your life shines like the petal on a marigold flower, glistening in the early hours of the morning dew. Bees, butterflies and birds can see it from a distance. As it gives it also receives. It has power and so do you. Yesterday we spoke about courage. It is easy to say be courageous at the worst of times but you need to know how to ignite the power in you first. Power is something that you need to develop, to accrue and to allow it to manifest. What cannot be done today can always be achieved later on because if you lack the power you need to develop it first. Very much like a weightlifter extra power is always needed to lift an extra kilo. Your mind and your body needs to work together. We spoke about nutrition and exercise recently. Eating the right foods helps and exercising in the right way helps too. I learnt the hard way to identify and eat the right foods. As an example I know that I need to eat extra fibre to maintain my strength. The general and accepted formula is to consume 15g of fibre for every 1000 calories eaten. You need to understand the chemistry of your foods. This allows you to assimilate power in the right way. Exercising is essential, however you need someone to train you and this is why I recommended those series of exercises for you to choose. Each exercise DVD comes with your own personal trainer to guide you to fortify power in your muscles in the right way. With the right power you can overcome any obstacle in your life. You can move a difficult situation into a different quadrant of your life. You can remove a financial obstacle with confidence. You can prove that you have the ability to overcome your fear. You can approve something before committing to it or you can disapprove something without been pressured to commit to it. Power enables you do this. Power is personal. You are the user of your personal power. You can build on your power using the right nutritional and exercise methods as I have outlined and you can use power in the way it suits you. What one person does may not necessarily be suitable for another person. Therefore, you don’t need to have a body like Arnold or Sly. You just need to be you, healthy, happy and competent. This is your life. Your life is a precious gift. It has power to do amazing things. It has the power to accomplish and fulfil. It has the power to endure. Do it, be it, say it, have it, love it, enjoy it, give it, embrace it, caress it, increase it and share it. This is your life from start to finish.

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